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  1. Thread is closed for me now. Nozzle drilled up to 0.6mm and all problems gone... Thx for all helping me...maybe it`s an Option for some others to enlarge Nozzle-Diameter !!
  2. Reply to Kris : I have done all this...corners still come up...but the cover on top of the Printer helped me that there was no cracking on the Layers. Still trying...
  3. Thanks for your help...I will try to model some small rounded helpers on the corners - maybe this will do the rest. I read about having a plate Temp. above 110°C is better...they wrote up to 150°C can be...but at 140°C ABS starts to get softer...do you know anything about that kind of temperature ? Markus
  4. Hi there ! I need to print a Cover for a Light that will be placed on a Maschine, and it has to be printed with ABS ( View-1.jpg). It's round about 16cm*16cm and has a height of 4cm. No matter what i have done...warping has happend all the Time. I tried Glue first - that was not helping - needed to abort print. Then I used ABS-Slurry which was a lot better (covered the whole Glass with a Spraygun to get it the same hight everywhere - and leveled Bed every time new) ...but still warping ( Bending.jpg). First we modelled a little groove on the bottom to close the Cover against wetness underneeth - but I deleted this in a next try with still the same Problem of warping. Last try I added a Rim of 15 Lines and the adhesion seemed to be that high that the Layers split apart on the Edges ( splitting.jpg). :( Because the Model is big it takes a long time to print it - round about 20 hours. Now there are a few things left to try.... I heated the Bed with 100°C and 110°C ....could it help to print on a lower temperature ? I printed with Nozzle-temperature 250°C slower speed (40mm) and 260°C higher speed (50mm)....has the Speed an effect on warping - because it happens after a print-time of round about 10 hours on this Model....is it better to get the Model finished fast or slow ? I have the different Speeds in Expert-Mode of Cura set low to get a good Quality, but at least I need the Model without warping ! Thanks for fast help - I need 8 of this Parts in the next 3 weeks !! Markus
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