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  1. Kind of stupid to not show any print profile when a combination is not supported. Wish there was an option that overrides the pampering mode
  2. I have the same problem. When i u plug the usb stick its starts working again. I don't know why but that is the fix for me
  3. Hi everybody, I have a question regarding the camera feed of the Ultimaker S5. I bought one last week, and i am discovering some issues. I've made some short screen recordings to explain myself better. This link is a screen recording of the build in camera feed. This link is a screen recording of an old phone used as an IP camera using Droid Cam. Is there something wrong with my machine ? Do I need to send it back to the vendor ? I am a bit confused here. I am sure this is not supposed to be on a 6.5k machine. Are there any settings, of benchmarks I can check t
  4. Well in that case you can contact me for in-depth feedback. I can make an invoice for it.
  5. This would be great feature. I love the idea behind digital factor, but i do think it way to limited.
  6. Thats kind of strange, cause the Prusa has a direct drive...
  7. I had the same problem with my Ultimaker 2, after upgrading last week. Revert it back to the original settings. and all was fine. Its very strange its changes direction in mid-print. Could it be that your retraction settings are at 10 x of the default. Absolutely not sure. But it may be worth it to check.
  8. Prijzen: Samen: 2700 euro Apart Ultimaker2 1600 euro + Filament dia 2.85 mm Makerbot Rep2 1200 euro + Filament dia 1.75 mm Ik verkoop mijn 2 - 3d printers omdat ik een nieuw model wil aanschaffen. - Replicator 2 - goede staat (in gebruik sinds oktober 2013) - Ultimaker 2 - Zeer goede staat (in gebruik sinds mei 2015) Beide printers zijn goed onderhouden en mankeren niets. Bijhorend zijn er nog >20 spoelen PLA In verschillende kleuren. Specificaties Makerbot Replicator 2 https://eu.makerbot.com/shop/en/3d-printer/replicator-2/53/makerbot-replicator-2-desktop-3d-p
  9. Version 1.0


    About a mounts ago, I received the ultimaker 2 I've won with the Ultimaker/Oneplus Challenge. I promise Sander to add a image of my first print on the forum. So I began thinking what object should I print first. One thing becomes another, I've printed a example installation for a client.
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