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  1. When printing, some filament sticks to the nozzle and get burnt. When there is enough burnt filament on the nozzle this will get off and leave the brown marks. Try to heat your nozzle and rub off the burnt filament.
  2. I print with ABS from 3Dprima and the quality is good but be aware of the tickness. They say it is 3mm +/- 0.05mm and I think this is true! I'm not printing that long but I had already 1 failure because the filament was to thick. I needed to cut a piece of.
  3. @dim3nsioneer Thanks for the adivce I will be carefull. I don't want to close it completely, just something to catch some hot air of flowing away. I was thinking of a sort of top cover with the back side of the cover open (e.g. plastic box with no back side) for the bowden tube and I wouldn't close the front.
  4. I would like to build a top cover for my ultimaker 2 to keep the heat inside when printing with ABS. I read a lot it would help for wrapping, but I don't find examples. Has anyons build a top cover for Ultimaker 2? Can you share a photo so I can get some inspiration?
  5. I just needed to try it myself, and yes indeed getting the first layer good is very difficult. Most of the time the letters won't stick to the buildplate. But finally I got some succes, thanks for the advice! (don't mind the colors)
  6. These look very nice! I'm very curious how you do it. How do you change the filament at the right time? Doesn't the nozzle hit the letters when you print the white first layer? Are the 2 stl files?
  7. Wow thanks a lot for the advice! I used 130% of flow and now are the letters perfect!
  8. The flow is 100%, what do you mean by increasing it 30 or 50%? Do I need to set it to 130%? That sounds an awful lot. I print ABS (3dninja.nl), layer height 0.1mm. So the max speed for this temperature would be 100mm/sec?
  9. I changed the nozzle size 0.4 -> 0.35, shell thickness 0.70. Because cura gave me a warning I also changed the initial layer thickness 0.3 -> 0.26. Is this necessary? The result is already much better and I'm happy with this! If I set the nozzle size to 0.32 or 0.30 the filament doesn't stick to the build plate so decreasing the nozzle size isn't an option.
  10. Thank you for all the answers! @cloakfiend I'm not going to paint it so that is not an option @gr5 the holes are visible in cura when the nozzle size is 0.4mm. I already changed the nozzle size to 0.38 seeing your advice in an other post but the result was the same. I changed it to 0.42mm and then it looked okay in Cura, but the print had still the problem at the "n", and I could see I was creating other trouble zones. I always changed the shell thickness according the nozzle size. I will try another print with nozzle sie 35! @swordriff do you think that this abs could print at 210? I printed this at 243 (speed: 50mm/s)
  11. As you can see in the image below my letters aren't completely filled. Can anyone help me how to solve this? I already tried a lot of things: infill 100% shell tickness 0.8 -> 1.2 layer height 0.1 -> 0.06 nozzle size 0.4 -> 0.42 and 0.4 -> 0.38 (+ adjust the shell thickness) but nothing seems to solve this.
  12. After some testing I already get a better result! The standard temperature for ABS of 260° is too hot for this filament. Something around 240 is much better. left first first, right 243°
  13. A few days later... the printer arrived today and I just finished my first print (it is still cooling down) I used the default settings for ABS. The ABS from 3DNinja comes in boxes from 3DPrima.com but I think it's kind of the same company. The ABS is vacuum sealed. This is the first print: [media=1425][/media] not perfect... I might to recallibrate the glass plate and adjust the temperature for better results. A lot of testing is for the next days and weeks.
  14. Today I bought my Ultimaker 2 at 3DNinja and some ABS. They have the printer in stock so I hope I get my printer this week! Soon I will find out if their filament is oké.
  15. Hello, Can someone advice me where I can buy good ABS filament? I live in Belgium. Is the quality of http://www.3dninja.nl/ oke? Or should I look for another supplier? I don't want my product to deform when they are left in a hot car so I'm looking for ABS... Thanks a lot!
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