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  1. Hi everyone. I bought some grey PLA a while ago and never had a chance to use it until recently. I've found it incredibly difficult to print with because it does not seem to feed well into my printer due to the material being far more rigid than normal PLA and rather gritty and rough, off the spool. Is there a reason for this particular reel of PLA behaving this way? Is there a way to work around it? Thanks
  2. LOL thanks. I'll give it a shot
  3. thanks for the replies. My main concern with this is that I usually print with these settings and have never had a problem before. The only thing that has changed is that this is a new reel of PLA and it feels rather gritty. Not sure how much of a difference that makes to the print. And yes, there was a lot of stringing!
  4. Hi guys. I just printed something and the density of the object does not seem to be very consistent. It appears as though there has been some under extrusion in a part of the print, but then it returns to the correct extrusion rate later on. I'm not sure how or why this happened, since i did not play around with the printer while it was printing. I printed this in PLA at 210C at 50mm/s, with a layer height of 0.1mm, a shell thickness of 0.8mm, retraction enabled, 25% fill density and cooling fans on. I had support under the top bar, which is where the print seems to go back to normal. I've attached links to some photos of the print, including the lines where you can see the extrusion rate change. Thanks for any help!
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