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  1. Cool, thanks for the tip! I own an UMO with heated bed. Do I really need to replace the heater block to be able to use the nozzle fom E3D? To change nozzles I guess I have to heat everything up, right? Would imagine that the plastic inside will act as glue otherwise... Cheers, Fran
  2. Hi there, I'd love to start printing with more demanding filament like bronze-filled or wood-filled. However, after reading about clogged and worn-out nozzles, I'm a bit hesitant. A more durable stainless steel nozzle (perhaps an additional, bigger diameter to choose from) would be a great solution. Is there any hope to get one soon via Ultimaker? If there are any hacks / spare parts available from other sources, please do let me know. Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Fran
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