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  1. Sheesh! Same issue. I will immediately turn off the mouse zoom setting!
  2. Thanks! I should have checked back sooner :-) ...thought I'd get an email of a thread update :-/ Have to check those settings...
  3. Greetings all. Just got my Olsson Block in, installed, and got my U2E back into operation yesterday. I printed up your shroud Labern (in UPET Transparent from ColorFABB) and am still a bit fuzzy on the spacers. Also...on tape and/or metal parts. Do I need the tapes or something other than the shroud and spacers? If I understand correctly...looking from the front. I only need one spacer each on the right two screws (and those placed on the top side)?
  4. Greetings all. I just finished reading the whole thread...dang ...I purchased an Ultimaker 2 Extended back in April. Must say I often joke I am the world's least mechanical male (I understood about 5% of the thread). That having been said I've had a CNC for a few years and have had a lot of fun and good successes. Since I found it was not great for small items I dove into 3D printing. Pretty good successes over the last six months...but thought the Olsson Block might help out in many areas. Got one in this week, had an un-fun day when my heat sensor snapped...but survived (wish I had read this full thread first!). Just got back into operation yesterday with some help from my customer service rep at Dynamism. Sooooo....wanted to extend my contacts via this thread as it contains many who have been doing 3D printing a LONG time specifically with the Olsson Block. Thanks in advance for answering my stupid questions
  5. Had the same experience myself with WoodFILL. Started OK...then burn in like crazy. Took me literally a couple hours of atomic method. In the end it was a combination of atomic and hand feeding that broke the 'log' jam. Have not tried it again since (I'm still REAL new to all this). After about a week of good results with PLA I got up the courage to try a special filament again. It was BronzeFILL. I upped the flow rate to 108 percent per tips and tricks. Got a 95 percent good print and then the last 5 percent clogged so no top level in areas (insert sigh here). I keep hearing about drilling out my nozzle...hmm. Not to that level yet. Will try again with the much higher flow rates recommended above.
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