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  1. i did go to them first, but unfortunately they didn't have the TFT 255 and the original parts were on back order. i have a number of nozzles now from you so I'm good for a bit. thank you for the heads up on shop3d.ca though.
  2. update: i got the new TFT 255c part for my um2 on monday. installed it on tuesday and wow, what a huge change. even just pushing filament through the new TFT i could feel how freely it moved. i'm back in the business of printing out 3d objects again! i'm so excited to have the ultimaker working. the prints are so smooth, it feels like new again! maybe better! thank you everyone and gr5 (i picked up the TFT from his shop)
  3. wow, 15mm/sec... is that what speed you print at gr5? i thought slowing it down to 30mm/sec was extreme. it would take a week to print medium sized prints.
  4. feeder, as soon as i was getting prints done with my UM2 i printed out roberts feeder. and i do use the settings in cura for the sizing of the nozzles. i've been sticking to the .4's since having issues to simplify and figure out what the issue was.
  5. I've tried many different temps, but i keep it around 205 for colorfab pla. i slow my prints right down... set in cura at 30 and then will slow it down even more on the printer (50% speed) but i've tried many different configurations. every time i get the clog i use the 'tool' and do the pull. i should have really taken a pic of the coupler before i cleaned it up, it was really congested with black burnt stuff that would have been impeding the filament for sure. i took a knife to it gently, but i could still feel the impediments as i put the filament in. i can even tell the difference whe
  6. hi gr5 yes, i've ordered a few parts from you thank you. it's not overly dusty, it's my house. i don't see a buildup of dust on the printer or the filament at all. the print will always starts off good then it will fail at the second or 3rd layer no matter what the object is i'm printing. even when i'm not printing but have the nozzle heated up (185-210) it's hard to push the filament through manually. when i took the print head apart to put a new temp sensor in (i don't think it was the problem now) the coupler was crusty and impeded the filament. it looked good when i swapped out the
  7. yep, that's got to be it. my coupler was looking a bit burnt. i did test the filament flow through it and it was good, but must be other issues with it. i will order up a new one. thank you for the help and sanity check hope to be printing again soon.
  8. lol, i hit return and it got posted before i could write anything. i edited the post
  9. i need some help, i've been frustrated with my UM2 for some time now and i really want to get back to making awesome prints with it. the problem started at prints getting 80% into the long (30hr) print and then failing due to nozzle plugging. my solution: - purchased and installed the olssen block nozzle had a few prints succeed but now can't get a print to get past 1 or 2 layers without it failing due to what looks like an extrution problem, the filament gets jammed or just stops flowing. (i have grind at the extruder every time) i did get some temp errors after installing the olssen blo
  10. you can also look at a design that takes the spool off the back of the UM. this has the added advantages of not relying on the flimsy thin plastic bit holding it to the UM and you can get the filament into a better alignment with the extruder stepper motor. just look up universal filament stand.
  11. i changed my profile as i couldn't get back on with my old one. (kevin cunningham) i did the change and now i'm looking to silence the stepper motors on my UM2. there is a fantastic hack for the UMO but i'm hoping that someone with the expertise will devise a plan to put the new stepper chip into the motherboard of the UM2. the noise difference is huge. and once you get the new fan you will notice the stepper motors way more now.
  12. tsp42: so difficult but not impossible. i'm guessing it's not just a matter of desoldering the chip and plugging in the stepper ones, or could you do that?
  13. i just created a new profile to get back on i did see that someone was working on putting this into a UM2 but they may also have been dumped by the system :( anyone else working on putting these into UM2... i really want to cut the noise down, like tsp42 said,'it's good for the WAF' and he's 100% right with that one
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