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  1. Hi. I just plugged my Ultimaker 2 in via usb and when I open Cura There was a click and all of the lights and lcd screen flashed on and off for about three times. Then I tried to do a firmware update which failed about halfway through the bar indicator. Then when I turned around the one fan that is constantly running but everything else has gone dead ? Any help out there ? Cheer's Glenn.
  2. Hi. I started a 88 hour sprint last night and when i woke up it looks like the filament crossed under it self and jammed. It prabably carried on trying to print for 6 or so hours be fore i noticed. Ive just put the filament in and the extruder is clicking and the filament doesn't appear to be consistent. there is also a smell of burning. Faint but its there. Is my nozzle knackered and could I have knackered the extruder ? cheer's Muppet.
  3. Hello , we have just noticed that there is a scratch along the left had wall and when the extruder is in its home position it is sat in the scratch ? Any way of adjusting this ? Cheer's Glenn
  4. Hi I did a 3hr print and was all good apart from a large area of mouth had no support structure and as such failed. I looked in cura and it identifies the area as an overhang but does not provide support when writing its gcode. Any ideas appreciated Glenn
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