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  1. Very nice, and that's what I have in mind too, only with hinges.. Lol :-) but very small stylish hinges of course! I very much like to keep my printer clean and tidy too!
  2. Hallo Luuk, Het forum is in principe voor de eindgebruiker, heb je support een mail gestuurd? Meestal als ik een mail stuur heb ik binnen 24 uur antwoord. Klinkt overigens als een vreemd probleem, mede omdat alle onderdelen gestandaardiseerd zijn en tijdens het samenstellen bij Ultimaker meerdere checks kent. Groeten, Curt.
  3. Hi Lars, I have to say after installing the heated bed last week that I'm very pleased with it. After fiddling with print temp, flow and fan speed I really love printing ABS now.
  4. Ah ok, good to know! thanks for your reply jhertzberg!
  5. Hi guys, I just build in my Heated Bed in my UMO, and it works perfectly, but now there is no peg to puch the bottom end switch on the Z axes. My question is, should there be? or isn't this necessary anymore? Cheers, Curt.
  6. Ow and packaging was also nice and tight, very professional!
  7. What strikes me is the high quality of all parts, I'm so very happy!
  8. Version 1.0


    Here's a project that I've been working on for some years now with my good friend Darren. Our goal is to make the most accurate plans of the Eagle Transporter from the series Space 1999 from Gerry Anderson ( also creator of Thunderbirds ) This will be the studio scale version, and when ready it will be 44" or 111.76 cm
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