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  1. Did you see this video on YouTube? He says he's using a rock tumbler that he purchased at Harbor Freight. But the holy grail seems to be something closer to Shapeways' set-up in the offices in Holland (and/or Brooklyn). Here's their video.
  2. @IRobertI: I took another photo to show the exact location that we're trying to minimize when folks encounter a leaning issue. If it helps, feel free to use it. All the best.
  3. Great news! The corrections you suggested worked like a charm. I did have to remove both motors to access the screws (that took a little bit of work, but nothing too bad). The net result: the third and most recent print looks right. Thanks so much for the excellent guide.
  4. It's a fantastic guide! Thanks so much for putting this whole thing together. It's extraordinarily helpful (and I don't know what I would have done without it). I don't know how else I would have identified "Leaning." I didn't know how the guide identified "pulley," so that set me back for a few little while. I also wasn't certain how to really get to the screw. Perhaps it was the limitation of the tools that I have (I don't know), but I did have to remove the motor first (so thanks for adding that). I've tightened the pulleys closer to the servo motors, so I'll see how things go. Stay tuned
  5. Hey, guys! I just bought an Ultimaker 2 for the studio, and the first several prints were perfect. Since then I've seen increasingly "leaning" prints. I took a look at the excellent visual troubleshooting guide put together by 3DVerkstan. That helped in the diagnosis -- yes, my prints are leaning. Initially the prints were looking solid. But over time, they're starting to "lean" significantly. Here are a few examples: The next question is: how *exactly* do I correct this issue? I read about adjusting pulleys, etc. but I couldn't find an equivalent Visual fixing guide. Does such a thing e
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