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  1. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm trying to slice a model in Cura 4.3 (even went back to try on 4.0) and I can't seem to get a proper first layer. It's way under extruded. I thought maybe it was an error on my part like the bed needing leveling or bad filament or something. But when I try to run any GCode that was generated before the upgrade, it prints flawlessly. So my printer and filaments are fine. No under-extrusion issues at all!?? I've tried slicing with different layer height settings and get the same results. Any suggestions? thanks, Pat
  2. Ok. Done. (I think) My first GitHub contribution. I hope I placed it in the right place. thanks,
  3. There seems to be inconsistent results depending on what value you enter for the infill amount. I had proper results at 30% and 20%, but at 25% the infill lines were randomly spaced and nowhere close to 25%. This is not just a display bug as I actually printed a model with these odd random infills and it actually printed with the infills as displayed in Cura. Any ideas as to why?
  4. I'm not sure what a "github issue"is. Was that directed at me? By the way, my workaround really seemed to work fine. I don't seem to be experiencing any issues since I've update the firmware using the workaround.
  5. How do I control if I want to print multiple objects one at a time or all at once in the new Cura? Also I can't find where they implemented plugins other than seeing a long list that you can check or uncheck. There used to be a way you could use "Tweak At Z" plugin in previous version. And lastly, in "Layer" view, why can't we see the layer number anymore? That was useful when using the Tweak At Z plugin. We could set it to change some parameters at specific layers. But now we have no way of seeing what layer our model changes. (if that makes sense?) Has anyone else missed these features? Thanks,
  6. I "may" have found a workaround but I'm not sure how to check the firmware version running on my UM2. I started Cura 15.02.1 which was my previous version then I selected "install custom firmware" from the menu. I then pointed to the firmware file: \Cura_15.06.01\resources\firmware\MarlinUltimaker2.hex I assume this is the firmware file it would have installed if it would have worked in the new Cura. The installation process went fine. I will check to see if my UM2 works fine later tonight.
  7. Hi IRobertl, Thanks for pointing out my typ-o. I did mean 15.06 (the latest at this point). I do remember reading somewhere during installation that in order to use some of the features of the new Cura, we would have to update our firmware no? Yes I've installed the drivers during initial installation and it does show up in my device manageer on COM4. See capture. The new Cura doesn't have the "Machine->Machine settings" option that you mentioned. It only has "Machine>Configure Printers" which doesn't have an option to specify a COM port. The printer does seem to be plugged in properly because when I start Cura while it's plugged, the printer "blinks" on and off. thanks,
  8. I've been trying to update my firmware using Cura 15.06 using: >Extentions>Firmware>Udate Firmware but nothing happens other than the progress dialogue box opens saying that "this may take a while" but I've left it going for over 5 hours and no progress bar moves. When I close it and close Cura, I get a pop up titles Erros in 'Cura.exe.' with the message "See the logfile 'C:\...\Cura.log' for details". Funny thing is, I went there and there isn't any "Cura.log" file at all. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, I was able to reload the original firmware from the previous version of Cura. All is well for the moment.
  10. I just did a big NoNo I think. I wanted to install the new Cura but without realizing it, Ultimaker's site brought me to an OLDER version of Cura (12.something). Went through the installation and it said to upgrade the firmware. So I plugged in the USB cable and updated the firmware as per the instructions. Turns out it installed and older version of the firmware and #$%@#$ up my Ultimaker 2!!!! Now i don't have the display on my UM2 anymore and now that I've actually installed the proper Cura udate, when I try to update the firmware, the progress bar doesn't move at all... NOTHING... NADA!!!! I have a pending order that has to go out... this is NOT good timing. Is there a way to flash the firmware to get my UM2 up and running again??? Please help! Phalconheart
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