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  1. Thanks very much for your long and detailed answer. I've eliminated end of spool, nozzle, leveling, teflon coupler, position on the bed. With regard to bounding method, I used to just print on glass when it was working fine. On rare case, I added hair lacquer. To clean glass, I use 99% alcohol then soap water and checked with a finger that it is dry & non-oily. I will look at the salt method, thanks a lot!
  2. Hi @Torgeir - I agree with doing incremental changes so that you can draw a proper correlation and this is what I did. I was just giving the summary of all cumulated changes. BTW, the "missed steps" is not my biggest concern for now as it does not happen very often, the corner lift is really what I'm trying to solve as it is really ruining prints. I can do a raft but this does not give the same finish and it was not needed a couple of month ago, so I really want to understand why. I do like my UM2+ but I had mixed experience with it. I bought it as a UM2 and it worked fine for a wh
  3. Thx - I've re-secured the pulley and will see - one was a bit (not much) loose. Re corner lift, I don't know what to do anymore. I've put a brand new reel of PLA, replaced the teflon insulator (was a bit damaged at the hot end), the nozzle and, as said before, put the spare motor feeder I had. No change and, for example, if I print 5 spread copies of an item that is the size of a SDcard holder, the lift is about 0.5 to 1mm on each angle of each copy. The first layer also seems to be well flat and shiny, as before, so "sausage" effect. It seems to point out to a bed issue, but I've
  4. Thanks both of you for your answers. SO far I've changed the bed to 55° and it a bit better, but I think you're right, there is likely some under extrusion, now I need to figure out why (bring back bad memory from my UM2)... I've just checked feeder and even replaced the motor with a spare that I had for a while (original 2+ issue with sliding gear that I glued, now it's a motor with a notch on the axis), so new gear & motor, same result, I need to look elsewhere. Meanwhile, another question: from time to time my print seems to miss badly X position after a couple of layers and
  5. Hi - I have an UM2, upgraded to 2+. The original version caused me some issues with the feeder but since the 2+ upgrade, it worked perfectly. Then, a few weeks ago, it started to do corner lift on all my prints. I've checked bed T° and leveling multiple times, used different material, no luck. It does not look like there is under-extrusion. I've re-read different advices here and there, but could not find anything that would fix the issue. I've added a couple of picture (there is another issue with last layers, but please ignore it) in case somebody here can provide better wisdom
  6. Answering my question - was the issue of problematic network drives. Don't know how I have missed that 😳
  7. I posted about this previously but my title was really not clear (I don't like to multipost but hope it's okay for once). Cura 4.7, that I've been using for a while suddenly would take 20-40 to load and then be unusable. It started after I installed Teams on my computer (I also installed have a few other apps that day, so I can only go back to the daily image as a whole). I've seen some related posts here and there but no solution worked. I tried to install 4.8 but no luck. I assume that some .Net or Visual libraries installed broke something, but I can figure out why. Does it ring a bell? Any
  8. I should add that after ~15 mins, Cura appears. Loading an objects takes another 10 minutes. Then I can rotate view till I modify something in which case it goes for another 10 minutes
  9. Cura 4.7 was working fine on a Win7 x64. Then, suddenly it does not start (display any window) any more. It's here, consumes about 52MB on memory and sits idle for ever, nothing visible. I've tried to update it to 4.8, no change. All I can do is relate that to install MSFT Teams that has probably added some extra VC++ or .Net components. If I move back to an image before that, it works normally, but the failure really seems to be connected the installation of Teams (I've installed a few other apps the same day, so difficult to corner the exact one). It's pretty frustrating as *everything* else
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently printing with the glued gear. Cross finger, so far so good after a couple of hours
  11. I've received the answer from my reseller. He is willing to help but does not seem to be aware of a better part. "We've seen a few of these issues. In the short term it's possible to put a little bit of super glue and then tap it with a hammer so it is flush with the axel to get your printer running. I'll see if we have some extra motors with gears around for warranty." Currently, I'm running a test with the gear super glued ...
  12. Thank you - I've contacted my reseller now and I will see. Again, sorry for venting it's just that I've invested so much time in my UM2 then UM2+ upgrade that when I saw again a massive feeder motor + under-extrusion problem, I blew a fuse
  13. Here is an example, but interestingly enough, the gear can go forward or backward. I also saw that somebody did a longer gear, but I only print PLA and I expect that it will not be strong/hard enough
  14. Thanks for answering guys. Unfortunately, there is no screw to hold the gear on the axis. So once I resisted to hit my UM2(+) with a hammer and calmed down, I tried to superglue the gear on the motor axis - I hope it will work, but if not, I might really (really) get rid of it. And it's unfortunate because I think it's a very good printer ... when it works.
  15. I usually don't write such post, but my level of frustration with my UM2 (upgraded to 2+) has gone beyond a reasonable level. The UM2 was my first 3D printer in early 2014. I was new to 3D printing, but I'm a 25+ years of experience engineer. On top of doing that for a living, at home I do SW development, my own HW design, PCB, CAD etc ... just to say that although I do a lot of mistakes, engineering is my daily activity. The UM2 worked very well for a couple of month, and then it started to be an under-extrusion nightmare. I already posted here and I tried a lot of fixes: ended replacing the
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