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  1. I've done this, I just hopped over to digi-key, picked out something that met the specs, plus a USB type-A port Works like a charm A DC/DC step-down from 24V should work fine, much better than using the 5V from the UM2 directly
  2. Frank, your order shipped from Norway on the 19th you where notified the same day, on the 24th after you asked, and now too. I understand you are keen to get it, and hopefully you will have it next week. Maybe the emails are in the spam folder? Please stay in touch. NO, In fact I am refunding you. Please pay me when you have it. Thank you. Thanks, you really didn't have to go that far. I know PayPal is unfair. May I suggest doing some SEO for the NA store? The EU store is like the 5th result on Google, I probably just click straight through checkout without reading a word.
  3. I placed a order on 3dsolex for a Olsson block kit on April 18 2015, it did not ship yet, no status update whatsoever, and my emails are not being replied to. Does anybody know what's going on?
  4. My old username frank26080115 cannot log in. The error displayed is "account locked". All of this user's posts have disappeared. I have tried "forget password", it does not help. I have emailed Ultimaker but gotten no reply. I did not receive anything from Ultimaker before the account got locked. I have made a few posts using that account after the forum software change. Why is the account locked? Where are my posts?
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