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  1. I would be using the most original Original electronics (aka Green circuit board + thermocouple with circuitboard on the head)
  2. So i've been trying to get a e3D hotend to work on my ultimaker original, using the same thermistor as before. It gives me correct reading when it is not in the heater block yet, but once i insert it, the temperature slowly drops, untill i get the mintemp error. I have tried inserting a new thermistor, but this doesn't change anything. Again, it only fails once it is in the heater block. EDIT: After some testing i found, when not fully inserted yet, it stays stable. But once i start the preheat program, (using a infrared thermometer i can see the actual temp) i notice that on
  3. I will try if printing with usb makes a difference, but, I had also replaced the controller board already
  4. I'll try and make a video when i have the chance, it happens at a random point, it has happened before fans turning on, and a few minutes after they turned on. When it freezes the temperature stays as it is, and is still being controlled, i can still access the tune menu too and even alter the temperature
  5. Yes i tried multiple sd cards all giving the same result, when saving a gcode I always make sure to leave the sd card for a few seconds after saving before safely removing the sd card.
  6. Hate to bump, but any ideas on the issue?
  7. It happens randomly, sometimes you think it's going fine, and then after 10mm it happens, and other times after the first or second layer. Nothing in particular really. The board is an official ultimaker board, it happened after installing it and after updating the firmware. The firmware was updated via cura so that's official. I also had a spare display controller, and tried replacing that later on, to no use.
  8. It is the ultimaker2, it is happening with any gcode at the moment, which on other machines worked fine. The printhead is just freezing in position, no parking whatsoever. Pause at height is indeed disabled, and sd card was safely removed.
  9. Hi there, i'm currently trying to get a printer to work again after some errors, all electronics were replaced, firmware updated and all, it will start to print fine until..... When a print has started it will start as normal, but after a random amount of time the print will just pause/stop it still shows that it is printing, but it won't continue, the head just stays put in position. Sometimes what happened was that it paused for a second at one spot and the resumed. Now I know that when printing with usb this last error could occur due to the usb speed, however, I've only printed fro
  10. Hi guys, I got a question regarding the ultimainboard (ultimaker 2 electronics) i want to control the small 5v fan with pwm instead of always being on, but which connection can i take for this, if there's any left? So i'm looking for a 5v output with pwm signal. Thanks in advance
  11. Okay, so i wasn't able to find the log file BUT i found that it indeed does have something to do with the firewall, i turned the firewall of to see what happens and guess what.. cura slices again. Now i don't want my firewall turned of, but can't find how i can use another firewall setting for cura..
  12. Where can i find the log file? i'll check about the firewall, would it mean i have to allow or deny firewall access for cura?
  13. Hey Y'all I have the problem that cura doesn't slice any of the models, when i load a model into cura it does show the calculating bar but dissapears within a few seconds and stops slicing the model, i already tried reinstalling cura, removing all old versions and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work. (also it didn't matter what version i was using, the same problem keeps appearing) Hope someone can be of any help
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