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  1. I switched to a new TFM coupler before summer. Haven't printed since then I think. Nope. Haven't cleaned the nozzle. Might that be a cause? If it is not cleaned the extrusion wont be as good, and may result in this quality?
  2. Hello! I'm troubleshooting this messy print quality... Cura 4.7.1 Nozzle size 0.8 Layer height 0.25 Wall thickness 1.7 Infill 20% Printing at 220 celcius and I have tried to go down in speed and even raising temperature with no success... What would you say is the cause of this?
  3. Hi! 🙂 My Ultimaker 2 is making some squeaky sounds when printing. Hear this: It seems to come from the belts or something. But I don't really know. Everything is oiled and quite clean. What can I do to reduce this sound? / Oskar
  4. Hey guys! I really did my research on this but I can not get it to work correctly. * My UM2 has been working great for the last couple of month. * I'm using Roberts feeder. * I'm using the latest version of Cura. * The UM2 has the latest firmware update. Recently I also switched the middle fan with a new one that is much more silent. But recently I get a weird error. The filament is hopping of the knurled thing. Either there is too much tension and pressure on the feeder so the filament bends and hopping off, or there is some kind of misalignment… or something… All the screws are tight
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