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  1. Has anyone tried the smaller version I don't see the different they both the reprsp controller one is a bit bigger or am I missing something . I am looking at this one on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LO20XGS/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_NGmFAbNPCK92P
  2. I would like to know if you get a https://folgertech.com/products/reprap-ramps1-4-2004-lcd-display-controller-with-adapter-mendel-prusa-3d-printer-1 would it still work as I have bought one and attached it to my umo and it does not display anything and makes a continues beep and flashing screen. I have tried to upload the firmware as said but does not seem to do anything ? the same thing? should I try the larger screen ?
  3. Hey man , I don't know if you came right already but if you just looking for just the basic upgrade. the motor and plate and feeder check out this website below. if you end up buying it and they don't have your country in the list, just email them and they will send you a quotation with shipping to your country i hope it helps https://www.makerpoint.nl/en/ultimaker-feeder-upgrade-um2.html
  4. Good day all I have just starting to print with my new ultiamker 2 , this is the first print I am trying to print and every setting I am setting does not seem to fix this problem, I don't know what I am doing wrong ? , I am using Cura 15.6 , the setting I have tried are default to the software . I have also tried to slow the printer now the last print on the picture is layer H 0.1 Shell thickness 0.5 print speed 40mm / travel speed 50 cooling on the infill is 100%support also on I am using ultimaker pla black I have extended my spool to lay on the ground and given enough slack for the printer. It seem that the first layer seems to go down ok its when it starts printing above that it becomes all messed up . I have also added a extra photo with a lose wire on the mainboard I don't know where this is meant to plug in its the red and brown cable with 2 pin connection when I got the printer it was disconnected ,
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