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  1. I have 5 MBs in my CAD lab. I did not buy them BTW. Administration did. Can I connect these to Digital Factory? Mr. Griffin says its possible but I do not know how.
  2. Thanks but they have the 1.75. I have the stock 2.85
  3. USA Bellevue Nebraska I am a tech teacher and our UM2 is down because of that Insulator.
  4. Good day all. After alot of searching I have failed to find a place to purchase a new isolation coupler 2.85. Does anyone know of a place to purchase one (or several)? I have run into many out of stock messages. I am beginning to think I need to 3d print these myself!
  5. Wondering if someone has seen this? This is the second time I have prepared an overnight print - 2 pieces - and when I return in the morning the first one is OK the second one looks a mess Wondering if anyone has seen this before and might suggest something I am not doing correctly??
  6. I hope someone can clear up this speed question. I am a high school teacher and bought a UM2 last spring. When I came back to school-last fall-I found a Makergear2 w/Simplify3D waiting for me. Lucky me now I have 2 different printers! However, I am now switching between Cura and S3D. The speeds are referenced as mm^3 in Cura and mm/min in S3D. I am sure there is a way to convert these speeds to develop some consistency/understanding but I have not found it here yet. Just wondering if the UM2 community might be able to clear this up.
  7. Has anyone had an issue with the filament from 3D universe? After running the filament that I got with my UM2 I am having trouble with clogged heating tip, filament not extruding, etc. Just overall problems with my prints. Just wondering if this filament is not OK.
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