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  1. Thanks @gr5 >>>> I'm concerned that you may be simply printing too fast or too cold and I'm concerned that you don't know layer height off the top of your head I used to print with the exactly same configuration (when using the original nozzle block), which leads a good result. Anyhow I will try to print slower. Thanks.
  2. There are two nozzles put together with the Olsson block, which has only one dot totally, looks like this: http://www.ideato3d.be/boutique/3dsolex-products/3dsolex-nozzles/ultimaker-2-nozzle-rsb-0-40mm/ So I asume it's 0.4mm. I'm trying to contact carl for detals about the size, thanks all!
  3. Hi gr5 I'm using default PLA profile (210℃), Normal profile of Cura 15.04.2 (0.1mm height) I will paste more details when I back to home. I'm using Ultimaker's grey PLA. Thanks.
  4. I use one of the brass nozzles, which has a small hole on the side. I assume this is the 0.4 mm one? What's more, when do Atomic Method, the filament is very thin and long after pull out at 85℃ temperature.
  5. Hi @swordriff & Every I found that I always get under extrusion after using Olsson block. 1. It's very obvious under extrusion after a retraction. 2. Sometimes the feeder jumps, then under extrusion. I have done Atomic Method to clean the nozzle, the nozzle is clean. I also feel that I need push more pressure when do Atomic Method than before. I'm using IRovertI's feeder, it works good before, and haven't adjust it. Could you give some comments? Thanks.
  6. @swordriff Got it. And I'm sure the brass block does not hit the fan shroud. Thanks!
  7. @swordriff >>>>If you do not heat the nozzle, you risk crashing the steel coupler with the little holes Why heat the nozzle will make this (turn the steelcoupler) easier? >>>>so that the block comes up as high as possible. Is there any disadvantage to do this? I was told that it's not good to put too much pressure on the spring... Thanks.
  8. You are right! It's my bad! But it's nothing to do with changing heater. I just want to verify that the sensor is working. So I turned on "heat up nozzle" as you said "select Heatup Nozzle" I misunderstood the *select*...
  9. Another question: Does it means that if the sensor is broken, the printer will burn even if the heater is in the block? I' really worry about this...
  10. The new 35W heater I ordered is already burned... I have to use the old one now, and the Olsson block works now. Thanks swordriff!
  11. Thanks. I do that because this tutorial tells to do that... http://www.ideato3d.be/actualites/install-the-olsson-block-on-your-ultimaker-2/ >>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<< To check that the temp sensor is still working, turn the printer on, go to the Maintenance Menu and select Heatup Nozzle. You will see something like this: Take the sensor between two fingers and the temperature should raise
  12. Thanks gr5! I want to test the heater and the temperature sensor, so "heat up the nozzle" when the heater is not in the block. Then the heater burned... Is this because the bad quality of the heater, or I shouldn't do this? Thanks.
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