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  1. That's great, @cloakfiend Looking forward to your turorials!
  2. Thanks @cloakfiend I agree with you basically. But I think better leveling will be helpful for a better result, especially for persons who has poor experience to adjust the bed on the fly (like me). Of cause, I'm learning.
  3. Thanks @IRobertI Good experience. I will keep an eye on the nozzle to avoid having a bunch of excess melted plastic on it.
  4. Thanks @cloakfiend I want to print the first layer perfect because I'm printing iPhone cases. It will look terrible if the first layer is terrible. Anyhow, I'm trying to adjust the bed on the fly now.
  5. Thanks @labern I already get my feeler gauge, trying to use it now:)
  6. This is exactly what I want to know, thanks. So If I want to print with 0.3mm first layer, best to adjust the distance to 0.3mm?
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience, @xeno I'm going to try that.
  8. Thanks @cloakfiend You really inspire me, I'm going to get the hang of it (adjusting the screws on the fly).
  9. Thanks @xisle I think it's difficult for me to adjust the screw when printing, hard to control by eye... I'm going to buy a feeler gauges for better leveling.
  10. Is it possible to do this without UltiControler? I don't know how to adjust the bed when it's printing. Thanks.
  11. @labern So you use the same leveling no matter what resolution to print first layer?
  12. @xeno Do you mean that if I want to print first layer with 0.6mm, then I need to adjust the distance to 0.6mm; if I want to print first layer with 0.3mm, then the distance should be 0.3mm? Thanks.
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