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  1. That's what I needed; thanks. Usable -- you do have to readjust the merged position etc. after, but it's usable.
  2. I'm having trouble figuring out how to position/align "modify settings" models. When I import the STLs, Cura distributes them around the build plate as though they are to be individually printed -- normally that's fine, but when one of them is just a mask for where I need greater infill, I have to eyeball it back into position -- particularly tricky if I'm rotating the models before printing. On a closely related note, shouldn't "automatically drop to buildplate" be per-model, or ignored for modify-settings models? Tips&tricks? Thanks.
  3. Switch your Ymin and Ymax. For my Simple Metal I have Xmin 49 Ymin 99999 Xmax 55 Ymax 20 And/or don't use one-at-a-time mode.
  4. I'm getting some weird slicing when using a large nozzle size; irregularities, and in some cases, outright air space. Nozzle is 1.0; layer height is 0.2. Attachment slicer1 shows irregularities in Benchy's smokestack. Slicer2 shows artifacts in the doorway arch; similar artifacts can be found in all the doors and windows. Slicer3 shows Ben (thing:2795629) with even more artifacts, including a set of layers actually completely missing in the smokestack.
  5. Is there a way to duplicate a machine? I've been experimenting with different nozzle widths lately, and my plan was to define a second machine with the alternate nozzle; that way as I evolve the settings for Machine_Nozzle10, they don't muck up the good settings I've developed for Machine_Nozzle4. However, I can't figure out how to easily duplicate Machine_Nozzle4. (Or is there a more Cura-friendly way to approach this?)
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