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  1. That's what I needed; thanks. Usable -- you do have to readjust the merged position etc. after, but it's usable.
  2. I'm having trouble figuring out how to position/align "modify settings" models. When I import the STLs, Cura distributes them around the build plate as though they are to be individually printed -- normally that's fine, but when one of them is just a mask for where I need greater infill, I have to eyeball it back into position -- particularly tricky if I'm rotating the models before printing. On a closely related note, shouldn't "automatically drop to buildplate" be per-model, or ignored for modify-settings models? Tips&tricks? Thanks.
  3. Switch your Ymin and Ymax. For my Simple Metal I have Xmin 49 Ymin 99999 Xmax 55 Ymax 20 And/or don't use one-at-a-time mode.
  4. I'm getting some weird slicing when using a large nozzle size; irregularities, and in some cases, outright air space. Nozzle is 1.0; layer height is 0.2. Attachment slicer1 shows irregularities in Benchy's smokestack. Slicer2 shows artifacts in the doorway arch; similar artifacts can be found in all the doors and windows. Slicer3 shows Ben (thing:2795629) with even more artifacts, including a set of layers actually completely missing in the smokestack.
  5. Is there a way to duplicate a machine? I've been experimenting with different nozzle widths lately, and my plan was to define a second machine with the alternate nozzle; that way as I evolve the settings for Machine_Nozzle10, they don't muck up the good settings I've developed for Machine_Nozzle4. However, I can't figure out how to easily duplicate Machine_Nozzle4. (Or is there a more Cura-friendly way to approach this?)
  6. Sorry, I did mean Merge, and both Merge and Group are documented here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/35686-merging-and-grouping-models Yes, I cut my model in CAD using an offset plane and load the pieces separately; Merge correctly aligns and associates them -- but Layer Height is not independently settable, even using per model settings.
  7. Thanks! Okay: the good news is that I got Group to work as you describe. Don't get why, or what it thinks it's doing, and arranging several multi-part models on the build plate is fiddly, but it magically works. Bad news: Layer height is still not selectable per-model. Are you seeing something different? Or is there a patch?
  8. Okay, so I'm trying to figure out how to do this, step by step. If I have entirely separate STLs, how do I align them properly? There doesn't seem to be a snap-to-grid, if get the top portion floating above the bottom, even if slightly misaligned, and then click "lay flat" it moves to another spot on the build plate... If I export my STL as a single file, even after splitting my "part", Cura seems to take it in as a single part, not as a pair of parts. Same is true whether I put some air between the split or not. Finally, if I manage to get them arranged on the plate -- per-model select
  9. Well, just crashing is a little abrupt, but that aside: why wouldn't it fall back to the software renderer? Or allow bitmap RDP transmission of the local OpenGL render, as happens if I launch Cura before connecting with RDP? (See screenshot below.)
  10. Cura 2.4.0, Windows 10. Event log shows an uncaught c0000005 exception, immediately followed by an uncaught c000041d exception. May be related to attempting to launch Cura from within an RDP session. (At least, that's the only thing I can think of that's different from the last successful invocation.)
  11. In Cura 15 one could add substitutions in the start and end GCode, e.g.: M140 S{print_bed_temperature} ;start heating bedM104 S{print_temperature} ;start heating extruderG1 Z+10 F{travel_speed} ;move Z up This doesn't work, or has changed, in Cura 2. Clues? Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to move from 15.04.6 to 2.x (currently have 2.3 and 2.4 installed); I've been able to print PLA with good results. However, I'm having a terrible time getting my TPU to print with 2.3 or 2.4. Have worked carefully to migrate settings that work very well in 15.04.6, and still getting awful results. Mystified as to what's going wrong, although it looks a little like under-extrusion, but I am frustrated enough to be opening the GCode files and comparing, and that led me to: Why is 2.4 setting temperature 5 degrees higher than specified? (Also, if anybody has hints about why
  13. I'm pretty sure I've seen this mentioned, and people blowing it off as "your video drivers suxx0rs" but it's 100% reproducible for me via RDP, and I don't think RDP should be considered an edge case. To reproduce: Opeate Cura through an RDP session, load more than one distinct object. Note that you will be unable to select alternate objects (e.g. to reposition or transform.)
  14. /* retraction_speed = 80 retraction_amount = 4.5 retraction_dual_amount = 16.5 retraction_min_travel = 1.5 retraction_combing = All retraction_minimal_extrusion = 0.02 retraction_hop = 0.1 */
  15. Hmm -- I'll fiddle with those ideas. I turned combing on a while back and haven't ever turned it back off; things seemed so much better with. On the other parameters: I ran that at 0.15 layer height; 0.10 takes soooo long. My speeds were /* travel_speed = 150 bottom_layer_speed = 20 infill_speed = 100 solidarea_speed = 40 inset0_speed = 50 insetx_speed = 70 */ ...and temperature 200 descending to 190 above layer 4.
  16. So, I figured out that this set of flaws in an otherwise satisfactory smooth compound curve surface... ...is happening because there's a non-retraction move right there. 1) Seems an odd place to put a move. 2) What can I do to make the move less obvious, or force it to a corner, or... something? TIA.
  17. I've got a TweakAtZ that doubles all speeds at later 4, so I'm at 150 travel after that.
  18. (These are, incidentally, my current PLA settings for most uses, plus a TweakAtZ to double speeds at layer 4.)
  19. There's something I'm not getting about the speed settings. If I have specified these speed settings: then does this one actually matter? IOW, are there any speeds other than Travel, Bottom, Infill, Top/bottom, Outer, and Inner? I think that covers everything*, meaning that if the detailed ones are specified, then the simple one never comes into play. Is that right? (In fact, it appears to cover bottom twice, but that's a more obscure question.)
  20. Ha -- "trigger warning"? That's a nice trick. That said, it's not the shape I would have expected; it is a pre-1964?
  21. Having said that, in the still-weird category: I updated the model to include top and bottom lettering (added to the same YouMagine link) and in that STL, the 0.1 renders well (if I adjust the layer and first layer to see it at all): However, if I go back to my original first layer of 0.3, I still get the slicing perversity where 0.06 layer height yields less detail than 0.25:
  22. (Aaargh -- retyping this whole post because forum doesn't cope well with multiple tabs.) Yes, some sort of issue. Even though it looks good in Tinkercad (1.1mm letter height, 0.1 sunk into surface): ...it doesn't read cleanly in Cura. In fact, I can get this if I set silly layer heights:
  23. Er, sorry about un-published STL. Just Published it.
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