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  1. I looked up those part numbers on IGUS but was unable to find them. Can you provide me with a link? Sorry. Thanks
  2. Hi, I need to replace a Y linear rail and a sintered bronze bushing on my Ultimaker Original+. In the manual, it says the part numbers are 1011 for the linear rail and 1056 for the bushing. Can anyone help me find where I can buy these parts? Thanks
  3. Hi, I was moving the Y-axis (not manually, with the "Move Axis" function) on my Ultimaker Original+ when it seemed to randomly jam up and not move. Upon further inspection I realized that the Y-Carriage on the right-hand side of the printer would not budge. There is no visible obstructions and even if I detach the belt and the smaller rail, it still will not move. Does anyone have any advice for this? I've heard sewing machine oil should be used with those rails, but I have not tried it yet. Thanks
  4. Hi, My Ultimaker Original + kit came with copper grease, but the instructions never involved it. I've built the bot and it works great, but where is the copper grease supposed to go? Bonus question: Do I ever have to apply lubricant to the linear rails? Thanks
  5. Hi, How can I change some G-code so that there is a delay after every layer is finished? I know that this probably wouldn't be a change within the start.gcode. So how can I make this change? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Whenever a print is started, the machine homes the X and Y and then stays in that corner, is there anyway I can make a edit somewhere that will home the X and Y and then move the print head to the center of the build area? I'm using a UMO+.
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