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  1. sorry what part is the bearing? and is there any guide to taking the rods out? i couldn't see anything?
  2. Okay, lifting and lowering the bed it moves really freely, i ave to barely touch it to move it up or down, and it gets stuck at the part causing the problem, so whats the easiest way to fix this?
  3. Thanks for the replies! its definitly not the model as it happens on what ever i print. I'll have an investigate now and see what i can find, thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello, i'm having what looks like an under extrusion problem, however it always prints perfectly, apart from 1 certain height about 12mm, what could be causing this? Thanks
  5. Are you saying do the atomic pull with the nozzle disassembled and the pfte out? thanks!
  6. I am still not convinced its just the PFTE, as i have had made the hole bigger, and the filament is getting jammed after it goes through the PFTE just before it comes out the nozzle, if i take the pfte out and try push filament through it still doesn't come out, any suggestions?
  7. Okay, is there any way i can bodge the one i have now so i can use it till it arrives? What is an Olsson block out of interest? Thanks!
  8. gr 5 i think my original problem was too many retractions but where the print kept failing i think it caused more problems in the nozzle. Yes i did try it, i think it did work better but i was still having problems so it was hard to tell, but does make sense. I have done just over 1000 hours so yes the pfte is due to be changed. I've got the head all open, its the part where the pfte goes into, under where that would be i can feel melted plastic in there, just having trouble getting it out. Thank you very much!
  9. Thanks for the help really appreciate it! I've taken the nozzle apart and got the PFTE and it doesn't really look deformed, its a bit burnt but the structure doesn't look damaged, I've ordered a nozzle bundle thing that has the PFTE in so will try that, but it looks like its more to do with the block of metal that heats up, whats the best way to properly clean this?
  10. one side of it is really rough and indented, what could this mean?
  11. Oh damn, mine looks nothing like that bottom one:( i put it in at 200, push it through for a bit, then put it to 90, keep pushing till its at like 140, then wait for it to go to 90 then pull it out, some times if i leave it in there too long its really hard to pull out and the filament breaks. Does my one look like a bad ptfe?
  12. it looks better on the picture really. Its quite rough, and there isn't a perfect circle round jwhere the ptfe part is, how can i fix this? Thank you!
  13. That is my first layer. I'll have another guy at an atomic pull. Thank you for the help!
  14. What else can i do to try and clean the nozzle if you think that is the problem? Thank you!
  15. I have done atomic pulls, i have cleaning filament as well, and i have put some thin metal wire up the nozzle to clear anything out of there, and no luck. What is it you specifically want to look at on the filament? Thanks!
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