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  1. No worries Matt. That's what the forums are for. Looks like the Numpty team is growing LOL
  2. Well GR5 you don't know how close you are. Last night I decided to have another look a the whole setup and begin from the very beginning! For the electronics to play up a new electrical component has to be faulty, or the wiring is still wrong. It could not be anything else unless I have damaged something! Off came the cover and I examined the installation for a third time. Within seconds I could see that I had connected the blue-orange wire of the hot end fan connector to the middle of the board, but to the wrong connector! That is hard for me to admit making a numpty mistake like thi
  3. Thanks for your reply. The switch trips the circuit straight away swapping them around as you suggest. As soon as I press the microswitch it tricked the head into resetting where it was so I am confident the Z switch itself is working fine. Putting the switches in their correct positions in the circuit board . . . . When I turn on the machine and send the build plate down to make the home position it will do this just fine unless I start with the plate towards the top of it's travel. When it starts from higher positions it stops short of tripping the Z switch with the error. It's as tho
  4. Hi there all. Interesting one this. I upgraded my Ultimaker 2 to the 2+ with the upgrade kit. All appeared to go well. I then turned it on and installed the latest firmware from Cura. It's now _2.1 As with all firmware updates I was thrown into a levelling routine. When the build plate started to rise it fell well short of the normal position it runs to. I would say less than half way. So I spent some time winding the wheel to get the plate into the calibration area, but it calibrated just fine. When the the plate began to descend but fell short of the bottom. The bolt that engage
  5. Another supplier for rubber tumblers: http://www.ukge.com/en-GB/5lb-Rubber-Barrel-for-Stones__p-1179.aspx?gclid=CjwKEAjwqLWrBRC-_OaG-IfL0kASJAAbzKsV8ABGKDu0VItVIaJiRa41Mk4_IgYQv7yZ5RBWKKoZAhoCl4_w_wcB I will download the files shortly onkelgeorg, naturally I will vote Thank you for sharing.
  6. Only had the UM2 a few weeks but I am starting to get the hang of it now! This is a dummy engine for a 1/3 scale Fokker D.VII. The exhaust system is printed in Colorfabb XT black and produced in sections to make fitting to the engine easier. Joints were made with wood dowel and cyano glue followed by filler resin to fill the gaps. I have just started painting it now. It will have rough weld joints and hopefully look pretty rusty by the time I have vinished with it. The main engine has some 3D printed parts though not with the Ultimaker, they were produced with sintered Nylon by a print h
  7. That's an nice finish you have achieved there. It will be interesting to see your rock tumbler Nigel
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