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  1. Okay, nevermind, I just figured it out. I forgot that I had activated the brim in the platform adhesion type (advanced settings) which added a layer of 20mm all around the print. I reduced the layer size and all's good now!
  2. Hello, I am printing a base for my drone and I need to print it in one piece. The problem is that my drone measures 200x200mm and Cura is only allowing me to print a max surface of 190x188mm. I don't understand why this is the case since the build plate measures 225x225mm and I've tried to see how far the nozzle can go and I figured out it could easily print at least 200x200mm. Do anybody have a solution for printing large models up to 200x200mm? Is there a setting in Cura, do I have to downgrade it to an older version? Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks.
  3. Yes: - I can see a tiny bit of light. - The temp rises normally: about 5 celcius a second. - The filament does melt when I touch it. PS: the material does come out but twice a slow as usual, even it I increase the material flow.
  4. Well, I have been trying to get some filament come out from the nozzle directly, with the nozzle detached from the UM2... So it doesn't come from the bowden tube... Any help with that?
  5. You need to increase the material flow via the tune menu while printing.
  6. Hi, I have been using my ultimaker 2 3D printer for a few months but now it is starting to glitch... The material from the nozzle barely comes out and I can't manage to print anything. I've tried the atomic method and more but I still haven't manage to get it work. Does anybody have a solution to this problem? Thx, Zephir
  7. Hello, I have been trying to print some stuff with some 1,75mm and 3.00mm filament that I've bought but it doesn't seem to work: - 1,75mm filament: The feeder behind the printer won't push the filament, there is too much space for this filament and the motor turns for nothing; - 3.00mm filament: There isn't enough space behind for this filament, and after some time, the feeder won't be able to push/will brake the filament. I would like to know if there were some feeder avaible for download that could solve this problem. It would be cool if we could ajust those feeder in function of the fil
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