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  1. I searched .gcode file from cura, and it only provides G1 or G0 for moving. Is there any method to make G2 or G3 code?
  2. Can we change nozzle of ultimaker 2 into bigger one? Generally, nozzle diameter size is 0.4mm, but I want to use bigger one. By using cura or other software, I can make extrusion width like 0.6mm, but I want bigger size. Also, Layer Height is limited, so I want to size up layer height like 0.3mm or bigger.
  3. The speed of feeder is always constant? If not, the speed of feeder varies by what? Speed of the print head, or feedrate?
  4. I think I have to lower the temperature, 230 to 210.
  5. Didn't you have any problem, when you were using Colorfabb's filament in that temperature? It doesn't work too great when there's a lot of retraction (I'm seeking help on that one, probably my machine) but it also may depend on the color you got. I've talked to people using the white printing around 210, or even as low as 208. What speed did you print at? Speed...? You mean temperature? The temperature was 210~230(factory setting), and I used woodfill filament. After that, the nozzle was blocked, so I used 'Atomic method' and solved the problem.
  6. Can I mute the beep sound, when pushing the front button?
  7. Didn't you have any problem, when you were using Colorfabb's filament in that temperature?
  8. I'm going to use PLA, which is made from Colorfabb. (processing temp is 190~210 celsius) What company made your filament?
  9. Hello, I'm using Ultimaker 2. I changed my filament from ultimaker original to colorfabb. Is there any tips to recommend? I'm concerned that the processing temperature of two filaments is different, (one is 210~230, the other is 190~210) so I'm curious that whether to set the temperature lower or not.
  10. Hi, I'm using CURA, and having fun with it. Looking for G-code, I have a question. 1. What is the UNIT of the code 'F', in cura? Is it mm/sec? 2. What's the DEFINITION of Feed Rate? What I know about it is 'The movement speed of print head', but I think there is more meaning.
  11. Hello, I'm having fun with using CURA. I'm interested in the Movement of Nozzle. Is there any options to change visualing movement more lively, or delicate? For example, when loading STL files, 'Loading toolpah for visualization' message appears. It shows the integrating of model in Z-axis. If I can see the moment in XY-plane, it will be helpful.
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