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  1. I'll try it again when I have a smaller print to do. It's too risky on 48h print jobs
  2. Darn, I tried all of that and the next one failed too. This time the support structure got too weak towards the top and stopped the PLA adhering to itself. Gonna have to print this the old fashioned way. Disappointed with the dual extrusion so far :(
  3. I re-added the image. The external image embed doesn't like google photos it seems. > Can you use less infill? Or go into the advanced settings and increase the layer height? I can, but I wanted this part to be stronger. I've used this infill amount before. Maybe I'm crazy but I could swear the infill is 'thicker' with UM3 rather than just more lines. R/e glue same here, but my first layer was perfect in this case. It was the higher ups which went to pot.
  4. I've recently upgraded from 2+ to 3 and for my first print I decided to make use of the PVA for supports. I used the filament that came with the UM. I have ran calibration. This was what I woke up too (I aborted): Also surprised by the times. I've printed parts this large before and the most they have taken is around 14 hours. This quoted 42h on the machine. Settings: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/7o8zg32be0a6u84/2016-11-10%20at%2010.04.png Model: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7543934/gun_bodyFront.stl Ideas?
  5. Thanks for the tips. I managed to successfully print Roberts feeder by placing the reel on the floor as suggested by madness. Did this with 100% infill which worked really well. Just need to find a longer screw then I should be good to go with the new feeder Fingers crossed!
  6. Hi everyone Having a major issue with a new UM2 (I am new to 3d printing). I've mad a few "successful" (but poor quality prints) and results seem to have been getting worse. I'm using grey PLA which came with it, with settings: 220 Temp 45 Bed with glue ~30-50 speed 1.2 shell thickness 0.12 layer height 12% densisty The model I'm printing is: http://cl.ly/413q0J24332M I have no issues with it sticking to the bed with the above settings. Around 20 mins in, I notice the flow just stops and the printer continues merrily along without printing anything so I have to abort. I've alr
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