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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. It seems there was wobbly connection in wires between fan and mainboard. Since I posted question here I’ve printed 5-6 jobs for 12 hours each and was no problem. Fan itself sounds nice, without strange noise which make faulty bearings. When it was happen I haven’t any clue what was happen and was worrying printer going to die. But now when I found problem with you help I’m happy man. Thank you.
  2. As far as I understand nozzle’s center trace perimeter of the layer and has thickness 0.4mm. For that reason for precise prints I always do reductions 0.4-0.5mm and never was warring about hundredths of mm. It’s matter of experimenting.
  3. Thank you for your input. Let me describe the problem more. After posting question here, I decided to go ahead and loaded big print for ten or so hours. All that time I was watching rear fan. Normally, after switching printer on, third fan works constantly and starts to work making some noise and stops when printer switched off. Not like newer machines which needs 40C. I never updated firmware and done no electric/electronic modifications to printer. So there is no reason for different behaviour. Yesterday I went for the big print anyway (needed it urgently). Back fan did not work. Fir
  4. When I press power button on printer makes short noise (barely hearable), after that main LED screen starts lighting as it should be. But there is no other sounds. It seems it ready to print (I didn’t try). On previous prints machine started without issues but after finishing print during cooling there was no noise (internal fan?) at all. What can be wrong with it and what can I check?
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