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  1. Any ideas on what is going wrong here? I printed with a new nozzle and pla filament straight out of the dryer.
  2. Okay, so I stand corrected. I was thinking I did essentially the same thing as the 2+ upgrade. Ultimately, I just ordered the Olssen block upgrade, (the official one), and upgraded to the teflon coupler. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, (which I often am), but I don't see anything else in the extrusion kit worth paying the $400 price tag. They offer you new rods in case you bend yours. Mine aren't bent now, so I don't need that. An upgraded extruder and motor? There's nothing wrong with my current extruder or motor. The fan shroud is shaped slightly differently. Looks like the air blows out at about the same place as the old one, so nothing ground breaking there that I can see. Not to mention, my latest issue is while printing with ABS and I don't use the fans while printing ABS anyway. Am I missing something?
  3. I'm not 100% sure of anything. It's true, the nozzle is a cheapie I bought on Amazon, but I've been using them for a while and haven't had any problems until now. What is the extrusion upgrade kit for the conversion?
  4. So, I received my new coupler and got it installed. Did a test print and everything went great. Fired it up to do a second print and I see filament is oozing out of the neck of the nozzle. What is causing this? I have never seen it do that before....
  5. Okay, I did that again and switched filament to a completely different roll. I got it to feed filament out as normal, and got it to finish a print, but the quality is still not great. All I can figure is that it is the little white coupler. I have a pair of them on order and will have them in a few days. Maybe that'll fix it.
  6. I've had my UM2 which has been upgraded to UM2+ for a few years now. I really have had very little trouble out of this printer. The only thing that has ever given me much grief is the PTFE coupler which I replaced some time back with the newer teflon part. I am using PLA at the moment. Printed a nice print this morning with no issues. Tried a print this evening and all of a sudden, I can't get the material to come through the nozzle. I've tried 3 different, brand new .04mm nozzles. I've done atomic pulls. I've completely removed and re-installed the filament. I've tried heating the nozzle up to 235 and trying to print with it at that temp to get the material moving. The little purge it does at the beginning of each print has completely stopped purging. There is absolutely nothing blocking or clogging the nozzle. I decided to just let the print go ahead and see what happens. I'm attaching pics. Obviously, it's a huge failure. Right from the start, the first layer looks weird. Like it's seriously under-extruding, but I can't figure out why. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Okay, I see I have an issue there and don't know why I didn't notice because the shell width box was highlighted yellow. I changed that and am trying again. How do I attach the gcode so you can see it?
  8. So, that was done with a .5mm nozzle, (I ruined the .4mm one trying to clean it), and was sliced in S3D. Cura does the same thing though. I did change the nozzle size to .5mm, but didn't really know what else to change so everything else is default.
  9. I installed an olsson block on my um2 and was having some issues printing afterward. Decided the temp sensor was bad so I replaced it. The issues are still there. I haven't gotten a good print off the printer since installing the olsson block. None of my perimeter walls touch each other. Gap seems consistent all the way around. This is pla printed at 220C. Abs does it as well
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  11. Okay, so just change it at the printer? Does Cura not set anything concerning temp when the G code is written?
  12. I have spent the last 30 minutes searching and am not finding anything on this, so here goes... I have gotten some really great prints in PLA off my new UM2 and am very happy with the print quality. Now I want to try ABS. I saw a manual for Cura v13 that shows a button to switch between PLA and ABS, but I don't see that in the version I am using, (15.02.1) I also saw somewhere that the easy thing to do is just set up 2 "machines", one for PLA and one for ABS. Is that what everyone is doing? I also read something about a default ABS "profile" somewhere, but can't find anything else about it. I'm assuming that would just be something I download? Otherwise, can someone give me the appropriate settings for Cura 15 and an UM2 printing ABS? Or is that already out here somewhere? All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yahoo! I don't know what I did differently, but after cooling off, (myself, not the printer), I tried to re-level the bed and run a print and it worked great. Did the "coffin's cube file" and all 6 parts printed off nicely.
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