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  1. I just did the update with cura 2.3Beta, and then a factory reset. And no change with my problem. Small update: after using Printrun, i managed to modify the M92 line (for step unit on each axis). And now everything to works, UM2+ is printing a test part and everything seems ok. Thanks for your help
  2. Oops, my bad, it was actually Cura 15.04. And i did a factory reset after each update of firmware. And it didn't change nothing.
  3. Hello, I take Cura 14.04, and the option update firmware for UM2+ was available. So i thought it was ok. Otherwise, i try to change firmware from 14.04 up to the last one (Cura 2.1 and something).
  4. Good afternoon to you all, So let me introduce my problem. A few weeks ago, we did a firmware update for our UM2+. Since that date, all the problems started to arrive. For every print and even buildplate calibrate, the dimensions of the Y axis are divided by two. The X and Z are ok for the dimensions and speed. The printer used the same quantity of material as if the Y axis were "full scale", the part is all squeezed in the Y direction. So after checking the web, i did severals things: - Check all the belts and pulleys, and tightened everything. - Check all the plugs connected to the el
  5. No I can't! which means the motor itself is the problem and needs replacement?!
  6. Hey guys, I have a little problem with my ultimaker 2 and from one day to the other the y axis motor doesn't seem to rotate correctly?! so when the printer is off and you try moving the extruder head around the axis you can not move the extruder head to the back so to its home position. Cables are all connected. I think it could be the axis controller but it happens when the printer is on and the cables are out of that axis?!?
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