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  1. Thank you for your response! I did PID tune to heat bed but with no result :( i cant find the solution.. Do i have to buy an anti backlash nut? How much acceleration and speed can the z motor handle?
  2. Hello SandervG So what i have to do? To change the Z nut? i printed some marvins on different bed positions From left to right i describe the marvin positions at bed corners Back Left - Back Right - Middle - Front Left - Front Right
  3. UPDATE Tried to print with same speed for oulines, inner, infills, etc. I dont know if this was a solution but my prints are better. Still i have lines and artifacts. ( i printed with acceleration at 3000)
  4. Hello Sander and thank you for your response. Yes i printed feet to give more height and also i added cooling fans to cool the mainboard. Now i gave a print with 3000 acceleration at XY. I will update soon. PS i think that the layer shifting got worst because i tighten the belts without changing the acceleration. Now i print with tightened belts, again calibrated axis and new acceleration
  5. Update Still same results with Cura. Maybe if i lower down the acceleration from 9000 to 5000 will see some results
  6. Update It seems that ove extrusion is not a problem. Looks like layer shifting i suppose. All the walls meant to be flat. I will print now with cura this time. Although i dont think it is software problem
  7. Hello! Thank you all for your replies and response! Im using Simplify 3D. What i did further is to re calibrate the axis, lubricant again, added cooling fans with external power to the mainboard and passive coolers too. Also i tightened the belts with these ones https://www.youmagine.com/designs/belt-tensioner I see a lot better prints but i think that you are right SandervG.. It must be a over extrusion problem.
  8. UPDATE Calibrated again the axis and printed at 0.1 layer height. The problem remain the same. The next thing i will try is to add a cooling fan on the electronics board. I touched one stepper transistor and its veeeeery hot. Maybe is this the problem?
  9. Hello, i have problems with Ultimaker Original Plus lately and i cant achieve a good print. I have level the bed million times, calibated axis another million, oiled the rods but with no results. I ll post some photos printed at 0.15mm, and im hoping your experienced eyes see the problem. Thanks Giannis
  10. My country is Greece. Yes of course is a good printer. But when you dont have time to "play" with the printer and you want a work just to be done perfectly i think that ultimaker isnt that good. Although ultimaker 2 are very good and quality printers.. But i dont risk to give 6000 euros for 2 ulti printers.. I will go with Witbox or Wasp Delta
  11. First of all i have to admit that Ultimakers are wonderfull machines. But when i have a company i prefer a good machine with superb support than the Best machine with no support. So my problem is that no more than 3 months ago i bought the ultimaker original + so i can learn how printers work and have a machine for my prototypes. After 1 month the fan stop working. I checked all the possible causes and i ended up that the transistor is faulty. Its been from 21 May that i mailed the support to replace my mainboard but from then no news. Second mail and still no news. I tried to buy the mainboa
  12. Hello, today my printhead fan stopped working and after tests with a polymeter i found that there is a problem in the pcb board. I have an UMO+. The question is that i bought a ramps 1.4 with arduino 2560 because i am waiting for my support ticket and i cant stand so many days without printing. The problem is that i cant find UMO+ firmware to upload on arduino and some i found in here dont communicate with the printer. Also Cura doesnt recognise the printer. Any thoughts? Thanks, John
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