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  1. Hi gr5. Just open up a new Cura and flick the prime tower on and off. You will see the shaded area increase / decrease around the edge of the build plate. I can think of no reason why this should be, so to resolved this, I have gone into machine settings and increased the working size of the build plate to 225mm in the "Y" direction. Seems to be working fine. Something else I have noticed with the latest cura, 4.2.1. I can no longer have the first layer of support at 100% density, this has just stopped working.... however there are many settings in Cura I just don't understand so perhaps I am doing something wrong? What I really need is a setting so the first layer of print on top of support material is speed variable, or a setting so one can change the speed for individual layers. Sometimes a print messes up because I don't get to manually slow it down when vulnerable details are printed. Cheers, Paul. UM3_30-07-19 CAN NOT SET L1 SUPPORT TO 100percent.3mf
  2. Hi. In Cura, why does the working with of the UM3 build plate reduce by the best part of 5mm each side when I turn on the prime tower? I can see no reason why this needs to happen. Parts that used to fit on the build plat no longer do. Is there a fix / work round for this? Cheers, Paul.
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