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  1. Thanks, I'll try slowing it down at the end and a little hotter.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get a successful Soft PLA print where heavy retraction is necessary. I've been able to use all the topic posts here (and from YouMagine posts for Robert's feeder) to get pretty good results - Thank you to all. I'm using the combo Robert/geek feeder (by sfriedri) with settings below. This would work for something like an iphone cover but my work requires heavy retractions. The prints are being used to make plaster molds for clay - tiles of mini houses/landscapes. I'm trying to avoid printing in regular PLA and re-cast in silicone. Has anyone had success with similar printing using soft PLA or NinjaFlex? Going to make a quicker test tile and try a slightly longer yoke for a bit more pressure. Material: Orbi-Tech PLA Soft (from MatterHackers) Settings in Cura: 0.1 layers 20 mm/s speed 200 mm/s travel 20% infill Settings on UM2: 235 C nozzle 45 C bed Retraction: 35 mm/s & 6.5mm No oil Green prints are regular PLA, Red is soft PLA
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