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  1. Are there special settings for CPE/CO/PETG or are they like PLA?
  2. Hi All, I've been out for a while, now started printing again with my UM2+. Lots changed on the market of filament. New suppliers, new materials. Anyway, I'm looking for good PETG on the Dutch market. Preferably a web shop of course. Can anyone recommend please? Thanks.
  3. Did you add a new printer to Cura – the UM2+ printer – and removed the UM2 printer? Maybe then the upgrade will fit with the printer you actually have. It's just a thought, i just upgraded and updated myself, but cannot test yet.
  4. De feeder draait de verkeerde kant op na de upgrade naar 2+ Stekkertje in moederbord zit goed (kan ook maar op een manier zitten) in E1. Help!
  5. Correction: i use an iRobert feeder: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two. Just fixed the flaw by putting in 2 cm of the bowden tube at the bottom. The hole was large enough by now to squeeze it in. The extruder-top-feeder is in my opinion also makeable with the standard UM2 feeder wheel and stepper motor. I think the wheel can be mounted directly to the end of the long square pin in a printable feeder construction. On the rear corner of the UM2 case the stepper motor has a bevel gear driving a similar bevel gear where the square pin slides through. So
  6. Thanks for the reply @ultiarjan. In fact, i use one of your feeder designs. Only flaw in it was, after many hundred meters of filament, that the feeder wore out at the bottom, where the filament goes in. I've printed a lot more with a small piece of metal filling the gap. No problems there. I saw you improved that in your latest design. The Bond-tech thing does not solve the real problem, it only reduces the effects. It addresses the problem at the wrong place. The Zero-gravity design is a bit like what i had in mind: a direct feed, but without the weight on the extruder. Nice and also
  7. Have been printing a lot of production with UM2 the last two years. Same products over and over again. Thanks to the removable extruder from 3dSolex. Only one issue frustrates production regularly: the feeder. It grinds the filament now and then. Found, printed and tested many alternative feeders. Some are nifty and work well, but do not solve the problems. Also consider using a different wheel https://ultimaker.com/en/community/33367-knurled-feeder-wheel-versus-hubbed-mk8-feeder-wheel-for-filament-drive . Any results with that yet? But i found out that i'm trying to solve the problem at th
  8. Is there a nifty way to join pieces of filament to one string? I want to join different colors together, so i can print without changing colors all the time.
  9. OK. Thanks for the tips. I'll try them all.
  10. No problem with PLA. So the higher temp of PETG is a problem when in second layer the fans switch on. Any suggestions?
  11. The error occurred while printing with PETG at 242 C nozzle temp. Started testing the same print but now with PLA at 210 C, as that was the only thing different from previous prints. It did not say temp bed error but heater - error. So the heater error occurs when nozzle does not reach or hold temp according to settings?
  12. Don't know. It just says: heater error Yep. Using it for about 6 months now, Will be testing, but i fear the printing results.
  13. Hi, After some minutes of printing, my UM2 stops and says: heater error. This started suddenly and is now repetitive. They are deep enough in the heating block (nothing changed there). Are flow is all right and no contact of heating block with other parts of the print head. What to do?
  14. Maybe someone here can tell me what is more resistant to heat (like boiling water): ColorFab XT or PETG filament?
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