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  1. Look at the image. The church bell says: You've got a reply. But the topic says: No replies. it's not there. What happens?
  2. I'd say the top layers are not printed. And that would be the code.
  3. So it is only 2.3 cm tall and laying on it's side?
  4. If it does not stick in corners, you probably do not use any glue on the glass plate. Try any average Pritt stick – i use Pelikan from Action stores but itcan be any inferiour glue stick – and rub it on the glass plate before printing. When glass has cooled down, you can clean the glass plate with a soft spunge or cloth with cold water. real easy. Can you show images of the print results? If you paste the settings below into a text file settings_file.ini , you have settings that work perfectly for me. Then set Cura in the Expert menu to full settings. Finaly choose File -> Open Settin
  5. If you use Cura, just use the Expert-menu to Switch to quickprint. Then choose the High Quality settings. Those settings work fine, except when printing with obscure filament like copper or transparent. To be sure, also choose Pint support structure. This supports "hanging" parts. If scans do not come out of the printer properly, maybe the scans are the issue. You could share some images here so that forum member can shine some light on that matter.
  6. Stupid question: why does Cura draw the initial outlines around the objects? I do not see the use of it. It does not function as brim or anything like it.
  7. You print is with transparent filament. I've printed with colorfill transparent and had problems with the filling also. Even if lowering speed. Do you also have these problems with normal (color) PLA? I'm under the impression that the colored filament liquifies a little bit better.
  8. jeex


    I'm not an artist, so i do not make pretty things. However i cannot stop looking at the hinge i made for my board game. In a way it is a piece of art, because it functions perfectly and is very easy to put into the board without tools or screws or anything. The red thing is a hing in theory. However popping it into the two half boards was impossible. If i made it easyer to pop it in, it came loose too fast. So i made the hinge out of two parts. First you place the two parts of the board with their back next to each other. Then you push the blue part in the holes created for t
  9. Double color printing would the stones in my game a lot faster and better. Is there any info about this next monday evening? If so, i want to test drive with my UM2.
  10. I noticed that the filling is very ragged. Bottom, sides and tops are perfect, but filling goes wrong. I think speed is to high. With the transparent Colorfabb that lead to problems and i had to abort the print.
  11. Version 1.0


    We're developing a new board game. With 123d Design we made the prototype. We want to use this for producting a very small first edition of five for testing the game. We also use this as example for production companies. By making the .stl-files and printing these with the UM2 we learned a lot about what's possible in production and we could actually see and feel the product. The board has two identical halfs, printed in cheap gray PLA that came with the UM2 (second hand). Both parts are kept together with two printed hinges. There's space for screws through the hinges and magnets on the cor
  12. Just started printing small parts for my board game – photo's will follow as promised – with ColorFabb PLA. Standard Cura settings and what beautifull results. So on topic of Dim3nsioneer: I've got a standard UM2, standard Cura normal quality settings and ColorFabb just works great. Must be something in you UM. Deep colors, smooth finish. Really great. I'll be testing the filament from Emmen(Innofil) next week.
  13. @ultiarjan Nope, nothing to show, but i am very curious for your dual head. So it would be nice if you take it with you.
  14. Hi Sander, i'll be there. Are you serious about taking the UM2 with us? It does not fit well in my handbag...
  15. Bonjour Fabrice, Avez vous des resultats avec les testes de Innofil3d? Je suis très curieux.
  16. Pelikan sticks gevonden bij de Action. Werkt perfect. Brim niet meer nodig, warping opgelost.
  17. Thanks, all my printing isues with warping were solved, and then the f... filaments tangles on the wheel. This thread solved the problem. Great job.
  18. I see people using acetone to finish ABS. The outer layer disolves in the acetone leaving a shiny object behind (if you pull the object out in time). Is there a solvant that does the same trick on PLA? I'm just too lazy to go sanding the thing.
  19. Kijk, dat is een concreet antwoord waar ik wat mee kan.
  20. jeex

    Onderhoud UM2

    Event klinkt leuk. Als het even kan, kom ik. Deal was erg mooi. Niet verder vertellen: 1100. Even gewogen, er was nog geen 10 meter filament mee geprint. Heel ander vraagje en een beetje out of place hier, maar goed: werken jullie met winkeliers? In dat geval mailen we even verder ;-)
  21. jeex


    Urea is formed in the liver, but slowly disolves in alcohol, so i drink whisky for my health... Anyway, Urea is also in artificial form used for making stones in games like Mah Yong. It feels like horn or bone but in fact is artificial. Is there filament of Urea?
  22. Ik hol nu naar de bruna voor een pritt stick en laat weten hoe het gaat.
  23. Is dat dan gewone pritt, die je bij de kantoorboekwinkel haalt?
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