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  1. I'm one of the contributors who will sign the agreement since my contribution is a very small part of the whole so I'm happy to hand it to Ultimaker to do with it what they wish. However, I hope this doesn't mean that Ultimaker is having trouble with people just using their significant contributions without contribution back. I do enjoy tinkering. While I'm perfectly happy that there is proprietary code in the world and that people are able to make a profit off of intellectual property, I hope this doesn't mean that significant future contributions from Ultimaker to Cura will be cloud only or
  2. Verified that upgrading to 382.05 (released on 5/3/2017, four days after my report) resolves this issue on Windows 10. It all works fine now.
  3. Windows 10 from 381.65 to 381.89. Hmmm... weird.
  4. I forgot to mention the important bit: On Windows.
  5. Looks like the new Windows GeForce driver changed something that Cura's QT library is sensitive to. Upgrading the GeForce driver seems to preserve OpenGL support for other software, but Cura refuses to boot saying: "Unabled to probe for OpenGL support. Cura requires at least OpenGL 2.0. Please check your video drivers." Or something close to that. I downgraded to Nvidia GeForce Driver version 381.65 and it works, but my guess is that others will start seeing this problem.
  6. Ah. You're right. They do work. I attempted on Windows first and it didn't work (probably because I got the path wrong), but now I was debugging on Mac and yep, it's already in the _plugin_locations. So, never mind.
  7. How about: Windows: %AppData%/cura/plugins Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/cura/plugins Linux: ~/.cura/plugins What do you think? I could do a PR unless there's a philosophical objection.
  8. Now I'm just logging QQmlComponent.errorString(). Is that what y'all do? That seems to work. I got confused because of CONFIG += QT_QML_DEBUGGING that I ran across while searching.
  9. To Cura and/or plugin developers: Looking for a development tip here. How do you debug problems in QML? Under PyQt QQmlComponent.create just returns None when there is an error. Is that error logged somewhere? Do you all just debug the QML under C++ or is there a way to turn on QML debugging in a Cura build? (I'm building using Ultimaker/cura-build on latest master.)
  10. Oh I see now, it's just a bug. I thought you'd moved the property and I just couldn't figure out where it went. Thanks for the fix.
  11. I agree. But now what is the right way to choose a good default name? It's rather annoying to force the user to type the name they just opened if they'd like the gcode name to match the stl.
  12. Before the settings rework branch merge, fileName would be the name of a mesh (the file name of the stl file). It appeared to be the first stl that was opened.
  13. fileName is passed in None and remains None after that loop.
  14. In current master, it looks like save local no longer proposes the name of the first mesh as the filename. Back to typing in a name. However, my plugin was also trying to use the following to propose an initial file name, but it no longer works. Did the property move? If so, where to? for n in BreadthFirstIterator(node): if n.getMeshData(): fileName = n.getName() if fileName: break where node is passed into OutputDevice.requestWrite
  15. I notice the LICENSE files in the root of most of the projects, but I'm wondering where the attributions for other included software are (for example Qt?). Are there plans for a more extensive "About" dialog?
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