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  1. cosplay Gun design competition just kidding...i think bat beagle mask and fallout mask was better...anyway it was a good competition...congragulations for winners they earned it...
  2. i think new design comes with solid aleminum frame istead of using composite material....i think they could use touchscreen instead of old design just like formlab2 did it...extruder looks fantastic...
  3. What? I'm sorry, but I frankly didn't understand half of that. Damage? To what? support material sometimes difficult to clean...
  4. m600 is the mid material changing...I am trying to change filamnet at main menu in marlin
  5. Hello, I try to modify and shorten the filament change lenght in arduino. both changing and loading lenght is aproximately 60cm is longer including bowden tube leght. I found this titled in marlin as "configuration_adv.h" ; but in any changing there is no changing at all...60 cm is extra after bowden tube. anyone knows the solution for this.? //adds support for experimental filament exchange support M600; requires display #ifdef ULTIPANEL //#define FILAMENTCHANGEENABLE #ifdef FILAMENTCHANGEENABLE #define FILAMENTCHANGE_XPOS 3 #define FILAMENTCHANGE_YPOS 3 #define FILAMENTCHANGE_ZADD 10 #define FILAMENTCHANGE_FIRSTRETRACT -2 #define FILAMENTCHANGE_FINALRETRACT -100 #endif #endif
  6. i think support material will be different to release from the actual print without any damage...
  7. Hello all, my existing motor problem only occur while I was changing material but printing process, it works fine... https://www.facebook.com/selcukfindik/videos/10154204413679191/ I think my feeder motor is not suitable...While I was building my ultimaker 2, I had chosen Pololu SY42STH47-1206A (I did not pay attetion at all ). however, its 6 leads and 4v voltage rate. there are 4 types of "SY42STH47" motors ( http://reprap.org/wiki/NEMA_17_Stepper_motor ) and I need to know suitable version for feeder motor? SY42STH47-1504A or SY42STH47-1684A / B there are difference between Holding Torque and motor lenght... Which one I need to choose?
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  9. above the display socket marked as U3, it is burned somehow. PCA9306 is the transistor code and i order Texas instrument's transistor for a replacement...
  10. As I feared, I used all the electronics genuine except Ultimaker mainboard and it crashed... At start It worked well but 5th day the lcd has freezed and not responding even mainboard's light green is on and computer recognize it... I also use genuine meanwell power supply...
  11. this is the new laminated aleminum dibond which is strong and heavy...i am waiting for aleminum base plate from china....i used thicker dibond to test it but it is not strong enough to work on it...it looks a little messy but i will orginaze when aleminum plate has arrived....i have lots of dibond frame and i consider to build extended and 2go version... plus is just looking perfect...i love ultimaker
  12. i purchase genuine heatbed, meanwell power supply and heat resistant glass...it is not worth buying aliexpress or etc...
  13. i have bought pololu step motors which also indicated by ultimaker...i am considering to buy genuine heatbed which is nearly 150 euros...power supply requirement shows 24v 9.2 A i think it is not enough 7.5A
  14. i finally get some materials...i just need power supply, heated bed and 4mm aleminum and glass...i get help in 3dhub by some hub create knoob housing for me which is not sold in market readymadeg. it is produced in formlab 1. it is resign and looks nice.
  15. http://www.modulor.de/en/Composites/Sandwich-Panels-with-Solid-Cores/Dibond-Panels/Dibond-Alu-PE-Verbundplatte-weiss-im-Zuschnitt-6-0-x-1500-x-3050-mm.html this is the place a hobbyist ultimaker² builder suggested me to buy 6mm dibond but it cost a lot for clone at least 100 euros for a frame...plywood is cheap...
  16. MDF is not rigid material. You can use but i suggest you to use plywood. plexiglass or perpex is durable than mdf...
  17. this is the extended frame :)I hope i will be doing the whole working
  18. Process is 1) download github's "ultimaker 2" STL files 2) opened in 3ds max and by selecting edges of sides, i send it to autocad as 2d (dxf files) 3) I put ultimaker 2 extended picture into autocad. I aligned with the "ultimaker 2" drawings and find the measurements (approximately) ( UM² extended is 10 cm longer than UM²) 4 I import dxf files to CNC router program and I adjust the blade thickness. CNC process is crucial. You have to know CNC router well ( for example when Plexiglass is cutting, direction of the mill is crucial etc...
  19. it should be adjusted according to the diameter of spool circle...do you know the diameter of it???
  20. If someone who needs the original "ultimaker 2" or "ultimaker 2 extended" frame in a 6mm aleminum dibond, please send me materials and i will manufacture and send you back free. I am unable to find 6mm dibond in cyprus.therefore, if you just send a additional frame material for me i will do yours free of charge If someone's original frame also broken...send me front panel or any frame part and i will do it...This is the Ultimaker friendship ( note: after I have 2 frame i will not ask additional dibond and continue to make it free
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