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  1. Hi folks... I am a new Ultimaker 2 owner of just a month or so. And like noted above, I am already sick of heavy retractions causing the filament feeding to fail. 10cm of plastic chewed and eaten, 2+ feet of filament wasted. And of course, hours of printing lost to the recycler. I have to ponder the question of an old welders term, Cast and Helix. When I pull a few loops of a reel, snip it off and toss it to the floor. The circle it relaxes to is its cast, and the distance between circles the helix. 3mm can be quite stiff. The problem for welders, is the same here. Any tube fed system
  2. Post finished with a vibratory tumbler is common in most industries. These tools are less used by lapidary. Seeking a lapidary tumbler will take you the wrong way. Think parts, ammunition brass, etc. One places a media in the tumbler that provides the desired results. Tumbling mediums are diverse, with engineered geometries to provide differing results. Cones, jacks, spikes, rods, spheres, etc. Lapidary does use these btw, but not as rock tumblers. Rotary systems are designed to remove detail, shaping and changing. Vibratory systems are used to polish, harden, and remove stray detail
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