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  1. hi, this is propably due to the thick volume of material at the corners. what I do whan I run into this problem is to heat the chamber with a halogen lamp so that the material dose not crystallise layer by layer. Also if this is not emough I reduce the infill density, to reduce the shrinkage. I hope you find this helpful. N.B if you heat the volume the rubber belts need to be replaced more often and the bearings need to be lubricated more often i do it on each run.
  2. Dear Friend, I can understand your indignation, but I assure you I do not fiddle aimlessly with processing parameters. I am a material scientist conducting research at the university of Malta. I used different machines to investigate the properties of materials processed by rapid prototyping technologies. so rest assured I am not messing up the expert settings :-) Kind regards Stabela
  3. HI, when I first tried printing with ABS I used to have this and all sorts of other problem. I tried fiddling with temperatures and those helped with the adhesion to the build plate. However warping persisted until I experimented with the % run overlap. this material tends to flatten out a lot due to the high temperature, if you decrease the overlap (sometimes down to zero) you get much better results. I still use a build plate temp of 105 deg c and a nozzle temp of 240. I hope this helps Kind regards S
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