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    auf you imagine
  2. thanks, i have read it on the homepage, but with the 50% fan setting, it works not so good as with 25% at my tests. I will test twice and i´ll give you responce, if you want? my next prototyp is a Box with an wideness of 22cm LxB. The hight of the box is 10cm. I need this box for erlectronic parts to control heaterpads for international Liquid transdports in 20´containers. It should be strong enough for handling on the viennies harbor. that is the point, why i will useing the ABS Matireal. Now i have made a bottom testprint and the bottom is not flat. what can i do, to have a flat bottom in m
  3. thank you for your help. I have done the atomic move and the filament was clean. i used the ultimaker for maximum 10 hours bevor i start with the abs matireal. now i print with the fast print stting and the following tempretures. 245°c noozle 110°c plate 25% Fan and it works. i will testing step by step to an higher quality level and hope it works too. cheers and thank you
  4. With the abs original settings the noozel touched the print on edge, you see it on the right side of the print. when i use the 245, 110 and no fan stting, i have pillowing on the sureface. cheers gerhard
  5. I have the Same Problem with the Abs. In i juse the 245c, no Fan and 100c Platte temp. I have Pillowing on the Surface. I Need help. Cheers Gerhard
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