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  1. I went along with that, i did attempt to separate the old temp sensor from the unused hotend and it basically just separated the wires from the casing so I would've never been able to successfully take it apart. Good thing I had a spare.
  2. Thanks guys. I finally got it unstuck with a pair of vice grips and pliers. i think my temp sensor is a lost cause due to how far it was inserted so if you've got any links to videos about swapping them that'd be great!
  3. I did try heating up to 220c but nothing came of it. I wont be using the hotend again or the screw so I'll try to use vice grips.
  4. I'm trying to upgrade to the Olsson block and the screw holding the temp sensor and heater is not budging no matter what I try. help?
  5. Can I get your print settings for semiflex and feeder tension applied? I'm currently trying to solve the issue of the filament wrapping up around the feeder.
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