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  1. in 4.2.1 has option default printing temp in new don't have. I put temptiche 230 in new 4.3+ and when printer start printing tempriche 200 and hase fail. after some layer tempriche change to 230
  2. up to version 4.2.1 when printing starts at 200 degrees. This parameter cannot be changed :( TypeAMachines printer I change all settings of the nozzle to 230 and nothing happens. anyway 200
  3. 1. in 4.2 this work ok. After upgrade in 4.3 this seting can't see in 4.4-4.41 - no this setting. when you set temp to 230 first level start print on 200 and printing fail 2. In 4.3-4.41 when you try change nozle size setting don't change!!! I go back to good working 4.21 version
  4. see this is problem. I can't print with this bug
  5. in cura 4.2 hase option for hotend "default printing tempriche" to change temp of hot end start in 4.3 this paramiter was delete (it hase on option but don't have on panels". now all time first layer 200 C 😞 go back to 4.21
  6. in 4.0 cura my printer profile don`t have Nozzle diameter setting 😞 What need add to priofile to see it?
  7. On start. I think very fast speed of movment Z axe. I try fix it on config
  8. Has some problem with printing. Start use this version and destroy 2 printers. Some time hi try drop Z axe very fast. And destroy axes. M2017_Деталь1.gcode
  9. Go to nvidia setting. Add cura to start with nvidia drivers
  10. cura 3.2.1 crash after restart computer. And lost all settings
  11. I instal Cura 3.2.1 and now i can't change nozzle_size
  12. One question. We can put down model under the table for cuting part of model. And we cat put up model (fly up the table) but cura can't make support for this model. Some time need make print on support for best qualiti.
  13. thanks. I add start cura with Nvidia card and all work
  14. thanks. I add start cura with Nvidia card and all work
  15. don't work %(( What the computer need to use this? I have i7-4700MQ 2.40Ghz Nvidia Gf 780M 32Gb memory Win 7 64 Pro
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