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  1. I recently got an UM3 ext. I'm trying to print out the gyro using a prime tower. When the gyro is loaded into Cura 3.0 and when I go into layer view the prime tower is not showing up. I'm not sure why, any suggestions?
  2. Yes I am getting the clicking sound from the feeder.. Thanks for your reply too.
  3. Where should the indicator block be on the material feeder? Currently it seems like it too much and the heater block is not melting the material fast enough(standard PLA settings), I'm getting a lot of that clicking sound. Currently mine has been at the top line since I got the printer.
  4. Temperature: Nozzle- 210 and bed is 70. Material is PLA, if I didn't say that earlier. I can slow it down some, would 50m/s be better?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them. I'm currently using 15.04 Cura.
  6. Thanks for the response. I figured it was under-extrusion. I will post settings later today. Yes I have other filament to try.
  7. I'm currently running PLA white(Colorfabb) on my UM 2 ext. I don't have the fill at 100%, and wanted to know why the outside surfaces are not solid or without holes. I have run other parts with 25% fill and the outside surface did not look like this. Current part density is 50%. See photo.
  8. When I run the spool of UPET that was sent with my Ultimaker2, it runs for a while then I get the heater error message in the display and told to contact Ultimaker. I turn off printer and turn back on it clears the error. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  9. Ok, I have a heated bed, can I put tape on it and use this method for the same ABS issue?
  10. Never heard of it. Where can I get it?
  11. Ok, seeing all these different settings, I'm using Ultimaker ABS black on the Ultimaker 2 extended with glue on the bed and still the material is not sticking to the bed. It's peeling up. My settings: Print temp: 250C Bed temp: 110C Fans: 0% Flow: I have not adjusted. The setting for Print temp and bed temp are from the fbrc8 support analyst. Any other suggestions wouls be helpful, as this is my time using a 3D printer.
  12. sopmod03


    Just parts for military projects. Yeah, I see how I can increase the internal structure in Cura now. Thanks for the feedback.
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