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  1. Hi there, I am an assistive technology practitioner/Maker/DIY-er/Multimedia artist (not an engineer). I have worked with Printrbot/Repetier/Marlin as an on again off again hobby and now currently, I am working with a relatively new UM2 at work. Because I work in disability services, we are most focused on the creation of Tactile learning objects. However one of the things we are noticing is that while there is a disability presence in the Maker movement in terms of people with disabilities hacking their own adaptive equipment, or people designing things on behalf of people with disabilities b
  2. yep found those a few days ago thanks!
  3. so now I think the rear motor falling is keeping me from putting the screws back into the feeder they just spin like there stripped (but there not) I lifted the motor a tiny bit. Any tips for making sure that is seated properly? Thanks
  4. thanks! (ah the learning curve of a new printer!)
  5. Thanks for your answer, being impatient I took the feeder off anyway and the above drawing is very helpful except, where does the tiny grommet go?
  6. I know there have been alot of problems with feeders chewing filament and its happening to me too. I notice the white chip is not all the way to the top and pushing it doesnt help. Do I have to unscrew the cover to get to it?
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