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  1. Hi there, I am an assistive technology practitioner/Maker/DIY-er/Multimedia artist (not an engineer). I have worked with Printrbot/Repetier/Marlin as an on again off again hobby and now currently, I am working with a relatively new UM2 at work. Because I work in disability services, we are most focused on the creation of Tactile learning objects. However one of the things we are noticing is that while there is a disability presence in the Maker movement in terms of people with disabilities hacking their own adaptive equipment, or people designing things on behalf of people with disabilities but the machines being produced now don't contain accessibility features/universal deign features such as self voicing menus/tactile controls (for starters) . So um, Lets make one!? (ie tts enabled LCD control for UM2) I'm thinking (in my non engineering fantasy brain) Could we not load Festival open source TTS engine (or other open tts engine) into Arduino and attach it to the LCD control? (I'm putting this query out to a few different forums but wanted to start here) Thanks for your thoughts, Erik
  2. ErikFerret

    Feeder too tight

    yep found those a few days ago thanks!
  3. ErikFerret

    Feeder too tight

    so now I think the rear motor falling is keeping me from putting the screws back into the feeder they just spin like there stripped (but there not) I lifted the motor a tiny bit. Any tips for making sure that is seated properly? Thanks
  4. ErikFerret

    Feeder too tight

    thanks! (ah the learning curve of a new printer!)
  5. ErikFerret

    Feeder too tight

    Thanks for your answer, being impatient I took the feeder off anyway and the above drawing is very helpful except, where does the tiny grommet go?
  6. ErikFerret

    Feeder too tight

    I know there have been alot of problems with feeders chewing filament and its happening to me too. I notice the white chip is not all the way to the top and pushing it doesnt help. Do I have to unscrew the cover to get to it?

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