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  1. Thank you- I will try it. At least there is nothing to loose...
  2. Hello GR5, thank you for your quick answer! unfortunately I am not an artist at soldering ;-) and as I wrote: a new heated bed may be here on Monday. What I tried to achieve was a kind of shortcut for the weekend. A software solution for switching off the bed completely, so that I can print with the UM2 with PLA. Some kind of detour around the errormessage. But thank you for your hints- I will find someone to solder the parts, if the substitute isn't here on monday.
  3. Hi, I have some problems with my heated bed on UM2- after several attempts it ended with an absolut crash: When switching the UM2 on, I get the errormessage right from the start. A new heated bed is on it's way, but until it arrives I would like to print at least with PLA. How can I make believe that there is no heated bed- I've unplugged the connections but that was not enough... Is there any firmware without heated Bed support??? CURA allows to switch the bed off, but that doesn't change the firmware... Anybody out there??? Rainer
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