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  1. PatrickM

    Under Extrusion Help

    I've asked this before and have got no useful help. How do I fix under extrusion? I've tried every method that the troubleshooting guide has to offer, and I've replaced all parts of my hot end. What is my printer's problem? I print PLA at 210 degrees on Ultimaker 2.
  2. I've asked this before and have got no useful help. How do I fix under extrusion? I've tried every method that the troubleshooting guide has to offer, and I've replaced all parts of my hot end. What is my printer's problem. I print PLA at 210 degrees.
  3. PatrickM

    Ultimaker 2 Feeder Insert Chip question

    It's a 0.4mm nozzle and sorry about the mislead, but I was actually turning it anticlockwise to try and tighten it, but it still wouldn't budge.
  4. I've tried many methods for fixing clogs and under-extrusion, most to no avail. One thing that I read is that changing the tension of the feeder on the filament will help stop any slipping of the filament. I tried to insert a hex key into the top hole on the feeder and turn it clockwise so the white insert clip would go to the middle instead of being at the top like I've had it ever since I got my printer. I could not get that white insert chip to budge, and any attempt to turn the screw to increase the tension would stop the screw from turning entirely and I nearly stripped it. What am I doing wrong here? Also, like I previously said, I've tried lots of methods for solving under-extrusion and clogging; The atomic method, replacing the coupler, temperature changes, but nothing solves the problem for longer than a few weeks. Is there something I'm missing here?
  5. No difference. The print continues to be extremely thin and my printer keeps clicking and skipping.
  6. Travel Speed - 150mm/s Bottom Layer Speed - 20mm/s Infill Speed - 80mm/s Top/Bottom Speed - 15mm/s Outer Shell Speed - 30mm/s Inner Shell Speed - 60mm/s
  7. I've done several atomic cleans and the nozzle seems to be as clear as it will ever be. I took some pictures to better illustrate the issues I'm having. http://imgur.com/a/Q2Lyl
  8. I checked the PTFE coupler and there are no ridges inside and there is no friction when I pull material through.
  9. I've done quite a few of them, but the issue persists.
  10. Default settings and speed, 210C, Ultimaker 2, PLA
  11. I've had my printer for a while now and have had this problem a few times before, but it's really becoming a pain and screws up almost every print now. The first layer goes down beautifully. Nice and flat, not too thin or thick. After that is where all the problems start. As soon as the second layer starts, it comes out thin and almost seems under-extruded. If I stop the print and restart, no clogging seems to have occurred as the first layer of the new print turns out great again. If I let the print continue in its under-extruded form, the print eventually becomes bumpy and causes the buildplate to rumble like crazy whenever the nozzle hits a bad spot. Another thing I've noticed is that occasionally the nozzle will get clogged and then unclogged within 3 seconds. I've tried most every method of clearing the nozzle, but the problem persists. What can I do to solve each problem, or will one fix correct both of these issues?
  12. PatrickM

    Brown Gunk coming out of nozzle

    I bought my Ultimaker 2 about a month ago, and it's slowly turning into the worst purchase I've ever made. Ultimaker support is zero help. Recently, after printing for about 2 minutes each time I try to print, the PLA material stops extruding for about 10 seconds, and when it starts to extrude again, a brown, liquidy, burnt looking material explodes from the nozzle and wrecks the print every time. I'm using default PLA settings with the nozzle temperature at 230. I even bought a new nozzle and that didn't fix the problem. Can someone please help me? Ultimaker support definitely won't help me. http://imgur.com/gallery/zvvjpol/new This is a picture of the issue

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