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  1. Hi! unfortunately it didn't work as well, I checked the connections, they seem to be ok... I have replaced the print cores (AA into the slot 2) and now it works, however I don't use the second print core any more. I think it is something wrong with the print head, how could I test it?
  2. Hello! I have done the diagnistic and it seems to be ok, but by the next print I have got the same message...
  3. Hi guys! it is an Ultimaker 3 extended It starts to print, but after few layers stops with the message:"Print core is taking too long to heat up" thank you for advice, i will try it out!
  4. Hi! Has somebody have the same issue "Print core is taking too long to heat up"? Do you have an idea, how to solve it? Greetings, Lidia
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