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  1. Bump I am disappointed to have just found that in fact EEPROM does have a limited life. http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/EEPROMWrite Do you have any ideas what that maximum number of prints is before things start to fail - also the maximum number of layers? If the EEPROM can just outlast some other weakest link then it should be less of a concern. It seems that all you would need to store is the file and the Z height to minimize writing too much to EEPROM while being able to resume the print satisfactorily. The algorithm would be similar to that of OP. One could optionally only setup resume on prints with print times over X or start recording resume details after some Z height. By reducing to a Z level granularity, you would significantly reduce the EEPROM stress and at most be off by LAYER_HEIGHT for part of a layer. Completion Flag (or this could be encoded into the Z value if space is tight). Z Value for layer height. File name Pseudocode Upon machine on: shouldResume() { showResumeMenu(); if (!AUTORESUME) { printer.Beep(10); while(nothingPressed) {} return RESUME; // RESUME is true or false based on the menu selection } return True; } resumePrint() { lowerTray(); zeroPrintHead(); heatBedAndExtruder(); clearHead(); fastForwardThroughGCodeUntilZ(ResumeValues.getLastZ()); startPrinting(); } if (!lastPrintCompleted() && printer.getBedTemp() > SALVAGABLE_RESUME_BED_TEMP) { if (shouldResume()) { resumePrint(); } else { clearResumeValues(); } } User Options It should be something that in the menus can be optionally turned on/off (print tracking that is). It should be optionally to automatically resume as default. Where to contribute? https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin - is this the main firmware repo and if not where is it? I wouldn't mind taking a crack on a fork/branch.
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