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  1. OK Valcrow, I understand. Thanks
  2. Ok Valcrow, so I can use since proceed to appropriate adjustments in the Cura. Thank you Valcrow
  3. Filament thickness. We can use different diameter on UM, or should we just use filament of 2.85? Thank you.
  4. Hello gr5, yes this is a sketchup model. I will follow your advice and enable the option (A). In relation to "free web netfabb" you're saying "netfabb Basic"? This program allows to import, correct and export STL files?
  5. Hello DidierKlein, thanks for your replay. This was my first model and is made by myself . I will download a 3D model and print to see if it runs well. May you suggest a model to test the printer? thank you
  6. I'm still at the beginning, but I already do excellent failures. What can be causing this? thank you
  7. Thanks for your quick reply gr5 Problem solved. He had excessive force in the spring. thank you
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first participation in this community, I hope that within a short time I can contribute to answers rather than questions. I bought a Original Plus in Kit and just finished its assembly. It was not an easy task, did not come with instructions and the only guide is a PDF written in English available on the ultimaker site. I turned the motor leads to the E1 connector board. The engine of extrador makes moves to advance and retreat. Do rotations in both directions. Can anyone help? Thank's
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