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  1. After the printer is configured as mark2, will it be possible for it to print using Gcode generated for the ultimaker 2+? The reason I ask is because what if I sometimes don't want to use the second hot end at all? I don't want it to prep itself if its not going to be used. Furthermore, one at a time print sequence mode is disabled for mark 2.
  2. Thanks Conny, I'll go ahead and just buy one UM2 upgrade kit, a Bondtech feeder, and an aluminum ring then. I already have an olsson block and a 35 watt heater so I think im pretty set up already. Also to verify, in order to make this process easiest and most streamlined, it seems that it is best to use the Bondtech feeder as the primary feeder with the UM2+ hot end, and to use the UM2+ feeder with the old UM2 hot end as the secondary. Logic here being that the UM2+ feeder seems to be more simple to use as the secondary and I can thus use the "simple BOM". I would use
  3. Any updates on this? I am in the same boat as you and would like to take your same approach. Were you able to build it alright using the original print head (w/ Olsson block)? Any advice? Thanks, Troy
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