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  1. Here is the (poor) quality of the print after adding the "heatchamber" (I also added a piece of acrylic in front of the printer to prevent heat loss through the front opening). Any other ideas of what I can change?
  2. Thanks, I added a cardboard lid to my ultimaker temporarily? Is more heat lost through the top or front?
  3. I have a small (1" x 3/4") part that I'm printing in ABS. You can see from the images below that there are quality issues with the ABS prints (white, on left), which were exported using the Cura "high quality" setting. The part on the right in grey were printed in PLA several months ago. It looks like the area around the holes are not filled properly, and the material flow is not consistent, as the surface is not smooth. I'm using default settings for ABS (100% speed, 110C buildplate temp, 250C nozzle temp). Any advice on how to fix this?
  4. My Ultimaker2 is not able to print with ABS - the material seems to extrude properly when the material is inserted, but it either fails completely during a job or only works for the first minute. I compiled a video to show the issue: I have already tried the Atomic method [https://ultimaker.com/en/support/view/149-atomic-method] and other troubleshooting methods suggested on your Support pages [https://ultimaker.com/en/support/view/11703-extrusion-problems], and while I was able to execute these successfully, when I actually print a job, it fails. Can anyone suggest how to print this? I need the part I'm printing to be in ABS although PLA seems to work fine with my printer. This is using the following material, by the way: http://www.makershed.com/products/3mm-pla-1kg-spooled-filament
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