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    This is a splicer mask printed on my Ultimaker 2 Extended. The mask was used as a prop for a fashion shoot, and I'm hoping to create a coffee table book featuring the prints that I've made on my Ultimaker 2 Extended.
  2. I got my Ultimaker 2 from Dynamism and they are awesome with service and some troubleshooting help
  3. I'm a relatively new member to the Ultimaker product line, and have an Ultimaker 2 Extended--after 2 months of successful printing--I recently ran into a spot of trouble with nozzle clogs, feeder issues, under extrusion, etc... and the community, local support in the US by Dynamism and FBRC8 have been downright awesome with my printing troubles, and I'm back up and printing I think my issues were from just using the printer a lot--it's bound to need replacement parts/maintenance/etc... It's a bummer not to be printing--but post the issues with photos or a detailed description to the troubleshooting section and the helpful community members will get you back up and running with their awesome advice Also check for local support experts in your country--Dynamism and FBRC8 in the US are super helpful
  4. Thanks! I reassembled the nozzle again--this time making sure that the PTFE coupler was within 1mm to the isolator Nut and I'm back up and printing
  5. I found some instructors for removing the temp sensor and heater from the main board--are there any instructors for removing any panels for the temp or heater from the bundle of cables going to the print head/or any docs about threading the sensors through the print head cables or any helpful hints?
  6. Hi! I recently had a nozzle clog that the atomic pull didn't quick work on--I disassembled the nozzle and removed my clogging problem. After reassembling my nozzle--I was only able to 2 print out two items and all of the subsequent prints have failed. I cleaned out my nozzle again using the Atomic pull method, and when I load in filament it extrudes out. However when I try to print--the filament doesn't seem to come out fast enough and bunches up at the nozzle head--as shown in the photo below. I've tried cleaning out my nozzle again using the atomic pull method, and have also tried leveling my build plate again--still have the same trouble. When it was failing to print--it would only start the print a few layers then the filament would stop loading--now it seems like there's no filament loading at all or it seems to load or extrude too slowly. Also, when I had the nozzle apart a second time--I did get a heater has stopped error message. Any pointers on where to start with my trouble shooting would be super helpful. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this!
  7. Thanks Sir! Thanks so much for all of my answering my questions! I'll reassemble the nozzle again. I got my nozzle unclogged by using my Hudy RC Wrench--I removed the Bowden tube and filament and used my Hudy hex wrench like an ice pick while the nozzle was heated, and I was able to push the clog through the nozzle! Thanks so much for letting me know about the Olsson Block it really seems to make more sense Thanks for telling me about Fbrc8 too
  8. Hello! I've been enjoying my Ultimaker2 Ext for the past 2 months and it has worked out super awesome till late last night when I experienced a clog. I tried unloading & loading filament--my newbie method for unclogging before--and this time it didn't work. I read about the Atomic pull method--and it's a great technique--and that's also when I started to into more trouble--when I heated my extruder to 220 C pushed my filament into the extruder head--then pushed with a pin at the bottom as it cooled down to 90 C --- I waited a few minutes to pull and when I pulled--my extruder head pulled further into the fan duct housing---the extruder was now about flush to the fan housing. I succeeded in disassembling the nozzle--pulled out the filament that got stuck in the PTFE coupler, I was going to go as far as to remove the thermometer & heater and it is stuck in the nozzle--which seems to be unmovable. As both are jammed flush right into the nozzle. Unfortunately the PTFE coupler was damaged when I tried to remove it--luckily I had a spare one from my CPE roll. I cleaned out the nozzle as best as I could with the probes attached, and reassembled the extruder--when I restarted--the electronics seem to work fine--but no filament extrudes--I get a small "film/coating/bulb" of plastic forming around my nozzle--and nothing prints. This morning I noticed that the Hot End Isolator Nut isn't flush with the bottom plating--it's sitting about 8mm above it. I'm wondering what to do next for my trouble shooting: Should I try to disassembly & reassemble the nozzle again--this time lining the Hot End Isolator Nut flush with the base plate? Try the Atomic pull again? Also--doesn't anyone have an info about how to remove the temp and heater from the nozzle? Or any doc's about what to do if you have to replace the temp and heater probes? And worst case--does any company service Ultimaker's here in the US? For newbie's like me baffled about how to remove the temp/heater from the nozzle? Also--if I do manager to get the nozzle free--does Acetone dissolve PLA as well? Thanks in advance for your advice and help!
  9. Hi Vaz, I have experience mostly with Makerbots-- and due various problems I've had with working on Makerbots I've recently received an Ultimaker 2 Extended as a birthday gift from my wife to replace the Makerbot I know for Makerbots I always loved printing out the Maker Faire Robot: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40212/#files This is a good test for any 3d printer. And I think the Ultimaker Robot is a great test print too
  10. Thanks for the great advice! I also emailed MadeSolid, and I just received an email from MadeSolid's CTO David Rorex--and they also tell me not to touch the firmware on the Ultimaker 2 Extended as they are working on updated instructions which should be on their website in a few days
  11. Does this occur with other models or does this only occur with that particular model?
  12. Hi! I just recently purchased the Ultimaker 2 Extended-and am interested in printing with PET+ as there was a project I really wanted to duplicate that was printed in PET+ on YouMagine. I was wondering does the Made Solid firmware for Ultimaker 2 also work on the Extended and Go versions of the Ultimaker 2? Does the firmware from MadeSolid just add in the PET+ functionality? Or can I set this manually on my Ultimaker Extended? Here's the link to their page: http://shop.madesolid.com/pages/printer-settings Thanks for your help!
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